New York Safety Track on a CBR600RR 2014-08-26

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This was my first day using RaceChrono Pro at the track.
I'm impressed so far!


  • Do you have this map loaded up to use? I'm here at nyst this weekend and didn't see the track in the library. Gonna walk and manually save the track when it goes cold
  • I was able to do a few laps and set up turn gates for uptown and downtown, will submit the track to racechrono in a little bit
  • I had uploaded the track a week ago. I don't know why it isn't showing in the app for other people.
  • It should be showing at the "Pending review" section of track library. I have a backlog of tracks to review and approve to the official section.
  • Thank you. I see it in the Pending Review section.

    Wow! over 300 tracks in there. That must be a real challenge to go through all of those.
  • Yeah they pile up as I'm busy developing ;)
  • I appreciate the work you've done on this terrific app. All my track friends are very impressed with it.
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