v2.11 for Android v2.1


I've been using v2.11 with an old Sony Xperia X10 Mini, it works really well because I can mount it so easily right of the clocks on my KTM, however I crashed and the phone is broken! I've manged to get a replacement phone but don't have the original apk file. Does anyone have an older version - I think any v2.x might work, they could send or give me a link to. 2.11 is the last supported but others might work.



  • I've emailed you the APK to your register@... email address.

    If you're somewhat skilled in IT, what you could do is to install Cyanogenmod on the device. Latest your device supports is Cyanogenmod 7.1, which is Android 2.3.4. With this you could use the latest version of RaceChrono.
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