Motorcycle Track Day/Racing Videos...Post them up...

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Post up your motorcycle track day videos with data collected with RaceChrono.

Here are a couple of videos that I have used RaceChrono and RaceDAC to log data on my 2009 R1. I then used RaceChrono2AVI to overlay the dash.

I am a slow poke intermediate rider.

Here are a few laps around NCBike (NCCAR).

Here is my last track day of the season slow poking around the newly extended Summit Point Jefferson Circuit.

I wish that we could have access to the source code for RaceChrono2AVI, as there are features that I like in there, like that I can make my own custom gauge set. But then there are features missing like being able to change the font of the text for the speed, and add other gauges like AFR or brake pressure, or suspension travel, or tire temps. Anyone know if we/I could pick up development on that?

As always thanks to RaceChrono and RaceDAC for all the work they put in.


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