Can you get 0-100 Km accel. times from RaceChrono for Android?

Hello, and i do hope my question isn't totally naive:

I'm looking for a low-cost alternative to a VBOX PerformaceBox. To begin with, I need to clock 0-100 Km, 0-200Km and 1/4 mile acceleration times. Does RaceChrono for Android display that info, when coupled with a 10Hz GPS receiver such as the Qstarz BT-Q818XT?

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  • It doesn't display that information currently, unfortunately. This is the longest pending feature request / TO-DO item, but haven't been able to produce it due to lack of time.
  • Any chance it'll be implemented soon?
  • +1 on nkostakis comment. I wanted to ask the same question, although slightly re-phrased: Is it possible to log runs outside a track and then do your own speed/time analysis? It doesn't need to include pre-set accelerations like 0-100, 0-200 etc. as can you easily deduct those times if you have full speed-time graph/data at your disposal, as well as any other acceleration that is of interest to you. As said above this would be a perfect V-Box alternative and to be honest I was ready to purchase the full app as I thought it went without question that RC included "off-track" acceleration logging in its full version. I guess we'll have to wait some more.
  • RC works fine off-track too; full graphs and analysis are available. It just doesn't figure out the acceleration numbers automatically right now.
  • I don't care about automatic calculation as long as the data is there and you can easily deduct it. So that's possible to do? I'll be proceeding with the purchase right away in that case. One word on implementing default accelerations though: they would be great of course, but I think it is not possible to satisfy every need out there. People have their own reasons to want to measure how fast they went from precisely 34km/h to - say - 467km/h (!). And then there's people who like to use km/h and people who want to see results in mph. So a simple thought I always had about such software is instead of offering a few standard accelerations that will not be to everyone's taste anyway, rather be asked to input: 1) speed unit [km/h - mph - m/s ???] 2) Speed A 3) Speed B and then the software could easily calculate any acceleration they're interested in, no?
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    Well, both free and Pro versions can show a full analysis for a session without a track, just tap the "route" button on the session. No need to define a track. Thanks for the ideas on the calculation!
  • I want to test 100-150 and 100-200km/h, I hope you have some time this winter to implement it in the pro version.
  • I got the same wishes: performance testing rather than lap timing . . .

    What "route" button??? I am to stupid to find it : (

    Is there any sample or documentation available on how to use it off tracks?
  • When you open a session, one of they round buttons say 'Route'.
  • Any updates on this? I see it in the help file but no idea how to get there.
  • Yes, please add that feature.
  • 2021… is the feature now there? Can’t find it?

  • @Zaudi nope, been doing other stuff instead.
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