NMEA files not being created

Hi guys,
My partner bought a RaceChrono Touch Screen unit and GPS receiver about a year or so ago and it has been great – he loves it & has been busily recommending it to anyone who cares to listen. 
My only issue is at the moment is that I want to copy the NMEA files from the SD card in the Race Chrono Touch Screen unit to the PC.
Now, I’ve done this before, but about 10 or 11 months ago and I don’t recall it being difficult & I would have just followed the manual, but when I go into the folder where all the NMEA files are (RaceChrono/Sessions/), the newer ones that I want are not there. I have the Session that has been recorded, I have the box ticked to save the NMEA files, I have 1.8GB of memory available on the SD card, so it’s not a lack of memory issue.
Any ideas? Is there a step that I need to do first to “generate” the NMEA files?


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    NMEA is raw output from the device, and it is saved when following option is enabled:

    New session > (scroll down) > Save NMEA data > On

    For sessions that you didn't save NMEA; unfortunately there is no NMEA export option on the touch screen software.

    PS. If you really really want the NMEA files, you could import your sessions to RaceChrono android app, and then export the NMEA from there.
  • Thank you aol. The NMEA option is on. I have spoken with our IT guy at my work and he is confident the files are there, just Date stamped incorrectly (the data has started being created prior to the satellites getting a fix). I just have to import each one into the RaceChrono PC program & work out where it belongs. I will also try importing the sessions to the Android App. Thank you again for your help, much appreciated. :)
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