Mercedes-Benz World (Brooklands) handling circuit

Has anyone got a track layout for the Mercedes-Benz World handling circuit facility at Brooklands? I'm doing a sprint there at the weekend and would like to get the track setup beforehand if possible. There's nothing in the library from what I can see.


  • I recorded and set up the track manually. I've submitted it to the track library but I'm not sure if anybody else uses the same layout, so it may be pointless!
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    Is it somehow a special one-off layout, or just a rare track to drive on? If it's a permanent layout, it's not pointless at all!
  • Sorry, only just spotted your reply. The complete handling circuit is used when demonstrating Mercedes cars to people who might want to buy one, but the point to point layout we used was in a VSCC sprint event. They have used the same sprint layout for a few years but might be the only club that use it, so it will be a fairly niche. Not sure any other VSCC members are using RaceChrono, but I always put it in the credits when I upload to YouTube :-)
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