Club Motorsports

Any plans to support this popular new track in NH, USA?

I can export some clean lap data if helpful.

Google maps:

Club Motorsports
NH-25, Tamworth, NH 03886
(603) 986-9802


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    Did you already submit the track to the track library? I'll make official any track that looks permanent, and is properly named and has start/finish line and splits at sensible places.

    You can send any lap data to tracks(at) :)
  • Just submitted it. I made my own start finish line and sectors. I couldn't find the official ones in time for the event.

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    And I've made it official! I've just added description and made the traps wider, so that the track will work with very bad GPS data too.
  • Now that's what I call customer service! Gracias.

  • Did you have good results using RaceChrono at Club Motorsports? What equipment are you using? I'll be there in 2 weeks with my pre-war(1935) MG race special and trying to figure out how to mount all this stuff in the car.
  • I had decent results. I had to make a new track as it wasn't in the library but you shouldn't have to do that now since it is now in the default library you can download in the app. I used a Garmin GPS as recommended on this site.

  • That's good to hear! I was happy to see it in the library and it's what got me to look at the app in the first place. They're not using our transponders, so I wanted a way to see how I was doing on lap time. I'm going to work on getting a few other people to use it so we can compare. Typically our pre-war group is really spread out, so we don't get as much wheel-to-wheel action - I'll aim for improvements on track! The Garmin is at the top of my list - will be getting all that together in the next few days. Plus I'll be able to use it at other tracks and create files for those not currently in the list(hillclimbs, Pittsburgh/Schenley if pre-war goes back,...). Thanks for creating the Tamworth file!
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