Racechrono on Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, Windows Mobile 6.1

Dear Developers,

I stumbled on your RC software and i found it very interesting. I downloaded it to my Phone (type see topic title).
The Phone uses A- GSP internal.
The program works but when i'm trying the settings for gps i can choose from 3 settings. Bluetooth GPS (don't have that one)
Serial GPS (is this internal?) and from file NMEA.

I tried to start a session with both, but none of them seem to work, I get the message "No fix to satalites" Any suggestions?

Greetings Arjan Wieme


  • Hi, try this:

    "The windows GPS API is not supported. This means to use the internal GPS, you need to define a COM: port for it. Go to "Settings (Windows) > External GPS > Programs" and select a port in "GPS program port". Then go to RaceChrono settings and select the same port you just defined. "
  • I tried what u reccommended doing and its working perfectly now! Thanks.
    another question is can i export a session to my PC?
  • Sure, there is export functionality to export in .vbo (PerformanceBox performance tools), .data (Danas I2M) and .csv (Excel, RaceChrono2Avi, etc) formats.
  • So if i start a Data Logging only session when i drive home from work. I can export that in a .csv en then read it in excel and see how my driving was
  • Sure. You need to configure your own graphs plots if you want to use Excel only. You can also use PerformanceBox Performance Tools (free download) to have it in already digested format.
  • Wow!
    Worked perfectly i may add, i had some dropouts according to the Performancebox software and i think one misreading -1.25 lateral G's on my way home.
    The Lateral G's are a cumulative of all lateral measurements? and is there a way of showing only the max laterals?
  • Hi, the lateral G is a non-cumulative theoretical G-force calculated from the GPS-data. Should not be trusted much when using internal GPS!
  • OK thanks i'll keep that in mind. I will follow your product development, this program can become real interesting, i see potential!
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    wonderful sortware you have here :)

    Got my hands on a Xperia X1i, GPS works fine in google maps, have tried the above (and many other thing) but can't get RC to work with the GPS. Any tips?

    Running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and RC 1.4
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