Video Export Quality stuck at 720p

Hi Guys, Just upgraded my GoPro from the 1st version to the Hero 7 black. Having a problem when exporting the overlayed video to YouTube. I recorded in 2.7k 60fps, but I can only get the App to export in 720p. is there a way around this? I can only see vague options for low, medium, high and very high quality. Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7


  • How did you check the exported resolution? If you upload to YouTube, the higher resolutions appear after processing for a while. RaceChrono uses the resolution and fps of the source video, there is no scaling done.

  • Yeah i had a look on a different device, when i did the quality drop down on YouTube it only showed a max of 720p. It was device related tho, the Samsung would only play back at 720p where as when I used my iPad it let me view 1080. I'm guessing that YouTube will only show options for what your display can handle. Silly me. I did save the MP4 to my phone and in the file details it lists it as the 2.7k as recorded.
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