RejsaRubberTrac not showing up

I started to use the tire temperature monitoring system developed by Magnus this weekend. It is really good to have on real time tire temperatures together with pyrometer as tool to setup the car. Thank you Magnus!!!!
My screen configuration was that I could see all 4 corners but also I had a fifth sensor (RejsaRubberTrac) acting as rotor temp sensor. I setup them as digital so could get the big blue numbers for easier visualization when driving.
On my first day I noticed few issues with connection but which were to get resolved by reseting the sensor. On second day my fifth sensor stopped working ... initially I thought could be due to temp exposure even been installed 8-9 inches from the rotor. Anyway it didn't bother much as tire temps were working fine.
Next day I reset the sensor w/o any success to connect with RaceChrono but when I switched on screen layout the configuration to analog it started working again. The only problem using it as analog as it shows a screen with 4 temp but I am using only one ... will be hard to see when driving. Wonder if there is any additional configuration can do in order to show it as digital. Initially was working but for some reason stop working as digital.


  • any feedback?
  • The gauge configuration has analog/digital selection. Or is there something not working at all?
  • the digital stopped working ... so I switched to analog which seems to work better but the problem I am using analog for a fifth sensor but the analog option shows 4 temps where only one is active. just wonder how can make the digital work again
  • I'll take a look. I don't have 5 RejsaRubberTracs, but I'll do my best :)
  • I setup my as rear bike tire so it doesnt conflict with the other positions. the issue happens regardless the other 4 devices are on/off.
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