RaceChrono on Apple Iphone

I would want to know if a version for iphone will exit. Sorry for my English



  • No iPhone version exists, at least yet. I've been researching the issue but no work done yet.
  • Please offer an IPhone-Version of RaceChrono.
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    Hi, to everyone.... I 've a question... I am using harry's lap timer with iphone 4 and xgps150 at 5Hz and it works very well, the problem is that the appilcazione harry's lap timer is not as beautiful as racechrono that I use on an old N73 .. Now why do you not create an app and make millions of dollars when it is now possible to have several external gps for iphone 5-10hz? .. I really hope there is a future marriage between apple and racechrono. thank, I believe in you!
  • Good question ... For now I will continue with the Android version only, but if I ever feel it is ready, I might do an iPhone version too. Harry's Laptimer is nowadays very expensive and it would be nice to provide better and cheaper alternative :)
  • .... it would be "very" nice to have it.... :) thanks
  • hi.. to everyone there is no news for iphone develop ?
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    Hi Vabenepippo, the season 2014 plans are unfortunately for Android only. Season 2015 is still open and might or might not do iOS version then. How about buying Android phone for RC use? :)
  • Well I'm disappointed! A friend just showed me RaceChrono on his Android device and I got all excited and decided I have to have that app! But I only have an iPhone, and it looks like I'm SOL.... (I would pay money for it!)
  • It's 2015... any news?

    I'm probably going over to iPhone in April, and it would be sad to lose RaceChrono.
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    Sorry to say we decided against this for 2015 season. Depending how everything goes financially, this is still option for future seasons. It's a long and expensive project to port the app, so it cannot be done hastily. For now I'll concentrate improving the Android app.
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