Out of date map data in RaceChrono


One of my local tracks the satellite image data on google maps is quite old at least two years out of date despite what the date time stamp on the image says, I know its probably nothing that you can control, however, there are a few different satalite map providers that are more recent.

for instance: ECR in Texas on Google is 2 years out of date now


while ESRI map data is much more current


Would / Is it possible to toggle map providers to get more up to date data?

Many thanks


  • On iOS it's possible to switch between Apple and Google, but on Android there's no possibility to switch map tile providers. I do not know any alternative Map SDKs on Android that would be affordable for this kind of use.
  • Thanks that is a shame, I cant see anywhere on google to ping them to tell them that map tile is out of date. Since they already reference the same source data as other services.
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