Standing start then 1.75 laps - can I get it to ignore the finish line on the first lap?

I'm doing a sprint this weekend at Lydden Hill, where we start at the paddock exit, do 1.75 laps and finish near the top hairpin (i.e. the finishing line is not in its normal place). I'm happy moving the finish line but is there a way to get the timer not to stop there the first time I cross it?


  • I tried putting the finish line only on one side of the track and then avoiding that side the first time I passed, but it didn't really work, as the GPS error meant that sometimes it counted me crossing the line anyway. So I ended up just using the normal (official) track file and accepting that I would have incomplete laps.
    When I make the video file I'll just leave out the lap times but keep the other data on the overlay.
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    I've been aware of this problem for a number of years, but seems like this is Lydden Hill specific problem. It is a very unique track configuration they have there. While I'm willing to look for a solution for it, it's little bit difficult to think of a solution that would be useful for other users too.
  • There are a few different things about the setup, but in my head what would be needed is for the split/finish traps to have an option to count when I pass first time only, every time, every 2 times, 3 times, etc. So the standing start only counts once, and then depending on how the course is set you can choose how many times to pass the other traps before counting the 'lap' as finished. Of course I have no idea how difficult that would be to implement into the app...
  • This is a standard format for sprinting in the UK. It's used this format at a number of tracks in the South-West alone; Castle Combe, Clay Pigeon, Llandow, Pembrey, etc. I'm struggling to think of a sprint venue that doesn't use this format. There is no logger that supports this other than the Xoombox. That's a wired in unit and it's a fair bit more expensive than a GPS dongle on your phone.

  • @andylaurence all right, I was not aware it's other tracks as well. I will consider this again.
  • This cropped up in conversation again this morning. I think the feature was first requested 9 years ago. It's a format used by thousands of competitors in the UK at sprints as well as Rallycross.

  • @andylaurence Yes, I know it's a long time. As there's always a constant stream of new feature requests, some are always destined to be at the bottom and never picked up. But I think in this case it's my mistake, as I didn't realise it's actually used in many hill climbs. I thought it's only the one exception, so the priority I gave it was always very low. Now it's properly prioritised (since last year), and will get done eventually. To give you an idea of our turnaround time; we have been working on v8.0.0 since early 2021.
  • @aol_of_RaceChrono any progress on this feature? I'm at another event using this format today

  • No, but we're finally nearing completion of the v8.0, so we can start working on smaller things on our back log.
  • @aol_of_RaceChrono your annual nag about this feature, before the start of the speed season this time! Any updates?
  • Unfortunately no updates on this :disappointed:
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