Adding Video to RaceChrono file and exporting to VBO for analysis in Circuit Tools

What's the best way to connect a video to a RC file.

I have the full version of RC on my apple phone which works great. I have a data logger file that has generated a VBO file that has extra channels. The apple version will not import the extra channels. I now have an Android phone but not the Pro version yet.

If someone could tell me if I got the Pro version for Android would I be able to import the file and then add the video file? Is there a way of editing the VBO file and adding the video file information?


  • Here's instructions how to link and sync videos to your RaceChrono sessions:

    What kind of channels would you like to be imported from the .VBO file? Currently it imports only GPS data some others, but others could be added as well no probs.
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