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Does racechrono support Insta360 One RS+GPS?

Hi, I have an Insta360 One RS camera. I am thinking of getting an insta360 remote with built-in GPS. Just want to confirm if racechrono supports the GPS data from Insta360 video.


  • edited December 2022
    Not supported right now, but if/when you have samples, please send links to tracks(at) . I will see what I can do.
  • I'm receiving my Insta360 RS and the remote in a few days.
    Do you still need samples to add this support in the application ?
    What kind of data would you need ?
  • @crAshkun Yes please. I only need samples of video files, and the matching metadata files if they are separate (like in Sonys). The files do not need to be from a track session, but I need them to be from driving around, so I can make sure the GPS coordinates match the video.
  • @aol_of_RaceChrono Looks like you're giving me an invitation to drive around and have some fun :smile:
    I'll try to capture some stuff before this weekend.
    Video + metadata from remote GPS (if not embedded with vidz). Noted !
  • Sent you an email at tracks[at]....
    Hope this helps you, and all of us with Insta 360 GPS remote.
  • Did the Insta 360 One ever get added please ??

    ive the Insta 360 X2 and looking to get race chrono but making sure supported first

  • @chrisboy999 there's no remote control support for it, and no importing for the GPS data, but you should still be able to link the videos to your sessions just fine.
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