RaceChrono v8.0 beta

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I've just released RaceChrono v8.0 for Android to the beta group ( https://racechrono.com/article/faq/how-do-i-join-the-beta-group ). If you want the v8.0 beta for iOS let us know through the website's feedback form.

The new version includes Lean angle and Lateral/longitudinal acceleration calculation from real IMU data. Theoretical channels are still available when IMU is not configured. Currently supported IMU's are RaceBox Mini / Mini S and internal sensors on the phone. When using the internal sensors, the phone needs to be on a holder for the whole duration of the session.

The other big things in this version is the reworked analysis and the new video overlay editor.

Let us know if you find anything broken.

Also big thanks to Timur Iskhodzhanov for his contributions!

RaceChrono v8.0.0 change log:
* Added: Real lateral acceleration, longitudinal acceleration and lean angle channels calculated from IMU data. Supported IMUs are the phone’s internal sensors, as well as RaceBox Mini / Mini S. When using the internal sensors, the phone needs to be on a holder for the whole duration of the session.
* Added: New overlay editor with much more configurability
* Added: Renewed analysis screen with an X/Y graph
* Added: Map path and markers can be selected from any available data channel
* Added: Smooth background colour transitions when using delta displays without the delta bar (contributed by Timur Iskhodzhanov)
* Added: +/- signs not displayed for values very near zero (contributed by Timur Iskhodzhanov)
* Added: Single gauge layout for Live screen
* Added: Calculated combined acceleration channel for devices with lateral and longitudinal acceleration channels
* Added: Support for Vgate vLinker and Vgate iCar series OBD-II readers
* Added: Support for RaceBox Mini S, Qstarz LT-8000GT and Columbus P-9 Race GPS receivers
* Changed: Minimum supported Android OS version is now 6.0 (was 4.4) (Android only)
* Changed: Minimum supported iOS version is now 13.0 (was 11.0) (iOS only)
* Changed: Bluetooth GPS update rate limited to 10 Hz, if no Pro upgrade or Devices pack purchased (free version only) (Android only)
* Fixed: Opening .CSV files through the operating system (iOS only)
* Fixed: .VBO export column identifiers
* Possible fix: “Storage not mounted” error on startup on some phones (Android only)
* Removed: “Save debug logs” expert setting. Use the “Send support dump” instead

RaceChrono v8.0.1 change log:
* Fixed: Broken gyro bias auto-detection
* Fixed: RaceBox Mini sessions some times recorded with wrong start time/date
* Fixed: Temporary channels were included in the .rcz files
* Fixed: Broken partial .rcz export
* Fixed: Adding new gauges in Live screen
* Fixed: Overlay editor layout on tablets
* Fixed: Weird crashes on some devices

RaceChrono v8.0.2 change log:
* Fixed: Several overlaid video export codec issues (Android only)
* Fixed: Re-added the resume button to session toolbar (from v8.0.0) (Android only)
* Fixed: Couple of dark mode issues (Android only)
* Fixed: Couple AIM .csv importing issues

RaceChrono v8.0.3 change log:
* Fixed: OBD-II RPM and Speed not visible until first GPS fix
* Fixed: Analysis animations (iOS only)

RaceChrono v8.0.4 change log:
* Added build number to the About screen
* Changed: Default Location API mode set to "Best”. This can be changed in Expert settings. (iOS only)
* Fixed: Allow selecting GPS time for digital displays
* Fixed: Time delta defaults again to two decimals
* Fixed: Digital gauge value font scaling
* Fixed: Disappearing seek bar (iOS only)
* Fixed: OBD-II RPM and Speed not visible until first GPS fix (Android only)

RaceChrono v8.0.5 change log:
* Fixed: Font issue with digital gauges (from v8.0.4)
* Fixed: Time channel should appear only on GPS device (from v8.0.4)

RaceChrono v8.0.6 change log:
* Completed German and French translations
* Changed: The selected video overlay is now same for Analysis and Overlaid video export
* Fixed: Legacy overlay's map background alpha
* Fixed: All selected graph channels appeared in same color

RaceChrono v8.0.7 change log:
* Fixed: Wrong overlay aspect ratio for non-16:9 video frames when exporting video


  • Awesome! Was just browsing OBD2 adapters for my in-car setup (Android head unit). Was leaning towards the vLinker MC+ until I realized it wasn't supported. Looks like I'll be saving $100 after all (vs OBDLink MX+).

    As I am brand new to the forums, just curious.. is this project community developed? If so, I may be interested in getting involved.
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    @j4rf vLinker MC+ works on v8.0. It also used to work before on Android with the generic "Bluetooth OBD-II" setting, if I have not mistaken. This is a closed source commercial project by an independent development company. We may invite people to contribute, but generally it would require a full time project manager if done in larger scale.
  • This is awesome. I did not want to buy an AIM because, well, I don't own a PC and didn't want to buy one just to drag to the track. I have to use one already at work!

    I am super excited for all of this. GG chart and good G data was the only thing I thought the app was seriously missing compared to a "real" lap timer. Now, if there was a way to see more than two laps at a time, that would be great too :)

    Question: will the IMU data work from gopro imported video as well or is it time for me to buy a rigid phone mount? :)
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    @Elektro I'm so glad you say that as this was a great undertaking. I'm sure there will be bugs and kinks on the first beta but I'm sure we can iron out those quickly.

    You can choose GoPro IMU in the session settings, but due to bad implementation at GoPro's side, it may or may not be usable data, depending on your use case.

    Basically some RPM will make the GoPro gyroscope "float", and give false readings. But when that happens it's quite obvious. I haven't yet reviewed all GoPro models to see if which ones are affected. This will obviously affects mostly the lean angle, and the lat/long accelerations will probably be fine.

    Right now internal sensors on the phone, and RaceBox Mini / Mini S are officially supported by this feature.
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    Attention all users that have requested the iOS beta! A couple issues have been found in the Android beta, so please be patient. I will fix these bugs first, and then begin preparing the iOS beta again. Might be a couple days more.
  • Looking forward to testing my Racebox mini IMU. I've been waiting for this for a while. I would love have a calculated channel for brake using long-g
  • @aol_of_RaceChrono Is the Time of GPS deleted among the gauges?

    I couldn't find any of the gauges on beta for android,I hope if it's just a temporary phenomenon in beta!

  • @ShoRang It maybe an oversight. Not on purpose if so.
  • Thank you for the many improvements. It would be great if we could add separate plots for each graph. For instance I would like to visualize speed, throttle and time delta in separate graphs so they are easier to read.

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    Found one interface issue in v8.0 beta.

    I cannot add more than 6 gauges on the gauges screen. There are no problems up to six, but if I press the edit button from the seventh, there is no response and only the screen becomes dark.

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    Hi @aol_of_RaceChrono
    Something interesting.

    I sent you test data for the lean angle feature before the beta.
    The overlaid footage from that peaked at 52 degrees of lean. Or 54. Fifty-something I remember being happy about it.

    The same data in the beta build peaks at 47.

    The gauge for lean angle is taken from calculated values. Is this calculated from GPS or from IMU?
    It would be good to specify in the options drop down: "Calculated (GPS)" or "Calculated (IMU)"

    There is no option for lean angle listed in the RaceBox Mini data fields.

    This data was recorded before the beta update.


  • @Username1 There is a drop down in the new "Session settings" screen that's available from the Session overview screen's top menu. There you can switch to the IMU, it defaults to lean angle calculated from the GPS. No worries, it should show the same values as you saw in the rendered video earlier :smile:
  • @ShoRang ok, I will check that out for the next beta
  • I'm still ironing out some issues with the first beta, please hang on there. I will release fixed beta soon, along with the iOS beta and send beta invites for that.
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    The biggest issues now fixed in the new v8.0.1
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    However, this problem (GPS Time Gauge) has not yet been solved in the new v8.0.1 beta. I still can't find the GPS Time gauge.

    Additionally, is there a marking plan for angles exceeding ±180 degrees on the Level gauge? When I want to use it as a Steering Angle gauge like in gif above, the horizon line no longer turns at an angle above 180 degrees.

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    @ShoRang I didn't even attempt fixing the GPS time issue, I was concentrating only on the show stoppers for this release.

    The "Level" gauge is an artificial horizon, so its intended use is for the lean angle. We will do a steering angle gauge later.
  • Thanks for the updates. Awesome job!
    Any chance of a Gear indicator on a later version?
  • @ruf we're working on a calculated gear channel, calculated from RPM and speed, for a future release.
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    Invites sent to iPhone/iPad beta group. If I missed someone, please let me know. And you can still join the iOS beta group, if you missed it earlier.
  • The gear indicator (easier setup) option will make this program more complete Thank you
  • Now that RaceChrono also processes the IMU data of devices like the Racebox, could you give us a little bit of an insight into the calculation of lean angle? When using GNSS only you get the lean angle from the calculated lateral acceleration derived from the velocity and the radius or curvature of the turn, using plain old physics like a=v^2/R and atan(a) then puts out the lean angle, I would assume. Therefore this would give us the angle between the horizontal and a line through the tire contact patch and the CG of the system of rider and bike.
    Which channels are you using when calculating the lean angle with the IMU data? Are you integrating over the gyro channels or calculating the lean angle from the accelerometer channels and somehow compensate for the rotation of the whole IMU when the bike leans?

    Maybe you are able to give us a short insight as I think this topic is quite interesting and it would be good to know if in one case you are looking at the effective lean angle of the whole system and in the other only on the bikes lean angle.

    Thanks if possible!
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    Took car drifting this weekend. Noticed the new version. Very nice. Overall a solid improvement to the UI over 7. Great work!

    One thing I've been trying to figure out is how to calculate drift angle. I have a racebox mini, and I'm not quite sure how to go about calculating the drift angle. You can visually see the drift angle on track map layout when you import the data to racerender, but not in the app. Problem is it seems like I need to calculate the difference between the heading for the last few samples (or tangential of the last few samples) against the current heading? Who knows lol.

    I saw some mentions a few years back about trying to add a drift angle PID/calculation, but I guess it was dropped in favor of higher priority stuff. Great update though!
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    @Lucas Yes, the GPS (OK, the correct term is GNSS) Lean angle is calculated in the way you described.

    In a simple description, the IMU Lean angle is calculated by integrating gyro channels, but the full story is quite a bit more complicated.
  • @jvaldez hey thank you for the feedback, really appreciated!

    Drift angle is an interesting question. We spend a lot of time to create the lean angle calculation, and maybe drift angle is something we could try in the future with our newly acquired knowledge. But, I'm not a drifter nor do I have proper equipment, so I would be completely dependent on the data I receive from the users, apart maybe a couple ice track days next winter.
  • Thanks for your reply! Of course it is more complicated and more sophisticated than just integrating the gyro output but this gives us a good insight of what is happening. It also helps with interpreting the lean angle the right way.

    Really great work that both options are available now!

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    @ShoRang The upcoming v8.0.4 will allow you to select Time channel for any of the digital displays. If you add a digital gauge, you can select Time for the secondary display as well, which will then show date. It's a bit of kludge, as we do not have a separate date channel.
  • Thank you for your feedback and effort. You guys are giving me a fantastic user experience in the new v8.0.x betas! :D

  • @aol_of_RaceChrono release for iOS when? it's look awesome!
    i found some problems to connect the racebox mini, because the gps choice need to be set as like as a qstarz to find it.... but on iphone 6 one antenna works, on iphone 8 the second antenna continuosly connect and disconnect itself and doenst work...
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