Submitting new tracks - delay?

I created a new track (Padborg Park, Denmark) and submitted it both from the website and (a couple of days later) from the application.
It is still not on the list of tracks to download. Is it waiting for some manual check before it is added to the downloads? Or should I do anything more to speed up the process?

Anyhow - Thanks for the great software!

Here's video from the track:
(Racechrono2avi dashboard)
(Trackvision dashboard)


  • The tracks are added to the database manually, so if aol is busy, then it could take a while. That doesn't stop you using it, of course.
  • Sorry for the delay! I haven't been adding new tracks since July, so I should start adding the ones in the backlog soon :)
  • Fine with me - I just wanted to know ;o)
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