Nokia 5230: use racechrono & video

Hi all,
Anyone try to record video and use racechrono at the same time on Nokia 5230 ?
It's is possible ?


  • I've seen it done with other Nokia phones, so it might work.
  • @ zekill
    Did you get this to work?

    I have tried but it seems that once you navigate away from the video recorder, it stops recording!

    Any assistance appreciated
  • Queried Nokia's helpline on this.
    Their response; "Please take note that video recording cannot concurrently run with other applications."
  • aolaol
    edited December 2010
    How about recording video with some 3rd party application like Qik? Someone did that together with RaceChrono and it seemed to work fine, at least on N95.
  • Thanks for the suggestion.

    Unfortunately it seems impossible to use this software without connecting to their website every time even if you only want to store files locally.

    Is there any other alternative video recording software that you are aware of as I have not been able to find any so far.

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