RC Web Analyser still in the Works ?

Just wondering if a RaceChrono web analyser is still a work in progress or if it's no longer going to happen.

I personally think it's a great idea as I work on Mac's and have an iPhone.


  • We still finding ways to implement it. Meaning basically some financial arrangements. Idea is still very very good.
  • Great, I'm guessing there's no ETA as yet ?
  • You're right, no ETA. :)
  • Was this the idea of being able to compare lap times online? Where RC uploads your lap times for others to view online or the ability to log all your data to a web server? I notice that other products are starting to include features like posting your lap times in realtime on Twitter.
  • Andy, the idea is much more ambitious than that :)
  • Ooooh, that's so cryptic! I look forward to hearing about it when the time comes.
  • The term 'Web analyzer' probably summarizes it best. Not ready to tell more right now as plans are only plans at the moment :)
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    Creating a logging heaven for all RC users would be really nice.
    As a racer I really like the things you can do on MyLaps, but it's very dependant on the timing organizations to upload their data (and when they do so).

    Having Live sessions or just the whole session uploaded when you stop would be really neat. Couple that with a team of analyzers on the other side of the globe and you are closing in on real time telemetry, F1 style :D.

    SMS recieved while still on track (and scroll displayed over the Live timer): "Try taking a bit earlier Apex in T3" :D
  • I find it difficult to believe that anyone could go faster whilst reading text messages on track! The idea of being able to compare sessions with others online is one that appeals, though.
  • Niklas: I like the idea very much. Maybe not doable with SMS, but certainly with proper data connection.
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