RC data corruption on Nokia 5800

Well, I've taken RC to the track for two different days now, and on both occassion I ended up with corrupted data files on my Nokia 8GB microSD card, requiring a reformat of the card. It might be just a coincidence, but these are the two times I've had the corruption, and I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar?

I've ordered a new 8GB microSD card as a replacement (a SanDisk one this time), assuming the original card (which is branded "Nokia") is somehow defective, and the defect has only been showing up on the track days RC data logging for some reason. Odd though, which is why I posted here in case anyone has any ideas.


  • Just a thought -- is it possible the corruption is because the card can't keep up at the required sustained rate of writing logging data when sampling at 5Hz? I know some SD flash memory cards are advertised with faster write speeds than others...
  • I'd say the SD card is broken somehow. The data rate RaceChrono writes is very small compared to what the phones and the cards can do.
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