RaceChrono for Windows computers

I am having trouble with a few things with 1.40:
Maybe I am just too dumb or haven´t understood the principle of the software.
I thought I can import any (of the supported) GPS data and create tracks set
traps and view and take times of various sessions... I never get that far it
seems unstable...

eg. Icannot create a "new track" it never saves the Name

under "settings" -> "general settings" -> "storage selection" ->
all I see is "My Documents" I cant change anything there....

Can it be that it has trouble with My Documents on a Network drive?
This is the Adress:
\\MyServer\Users\MyName\Eigene Dateien

Its a German SBServer and the Client is Windows XP.

bye for now


  • I have an other question,
    at my Windows7 Startet PC I could not get RaceChrono + QSTARZ 818XT running.

    How to connect QSTARZ?

    I tried via USB, COM12 --> Other GPS applications run perfect with this setup...
  • Eduard - you need to explain what you're doing to import. You should enter "Previous Sessions" then "Import New" which gives you a screen to select the type of file you import and select the track ("Create New" is an option for the track). Once imported, you can view the travelled route and create a Start/Finish line and traps.
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