RIP: Symbian

How will this affect the RaceChrono roadmap? Time to consider other platforms?


  • Yes. Probably RIP for my day job too. Here's my conclusion, nothing more to add at this early stage:
  • I'm sorry to hear that this news may affect your day job as well. But hopefully it will mean bigger and better things for you.

    I'm glad to hear that you're considering other platforms for RaceChrono. I'm excited to see what you'll deliver next!
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    When i go to the track with my motorbike, I always RaceChrono with me.

    RC is a great tool for learning, this is precisely the opposite of a gadget.

    But ... It is obvious that sometimes the gadgets that make the success of some smartphone platforms.

    It may be time to upgrade to a paid model RaceChrono. I'm ready for that.
  • I thought this might also be of interest:

    Qt implementation for Android introduced
  • This was very interesting development when Qt was major strategy for Nokia. One Qt app would have covered 60% of worlds smart phones. But as Qt was sidetracked along with Symbian, I don't think it makes much sense to develop Android apps with Qt.
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