RaceDAC (data acquisition module)

- 8 analog inputs (range: 0-5V / 0-15V) for throttle position, temperature, brake pressure, etc
- 2 digital inputs for RPM, wheel speed, etc
- RaceChrono compatible
- BlueTooth connectivity (compatible with any standard mobilephone/PC/laptop/etc)
- Configurable sample rate 1,2,5,10,20,50 and 100 Hz
- Configurable multiplier/divider/offset for each channel
- 5V (100mA) output for external sensors
- SW configuration and updates via BT-connection
- Main power 12V
- Size 91x66x28mm

Official website:

If you need support, have any questions or comments, please send mail to:
Please state your name and country in your message.


  • Sounds cool! Good luck with the project!
  • Hi,

    I have been looking for a RaceChrono compatible data acquisition device.

    Do you have any photos of what the module will look like, dimensions and what it comes with (connectors etc)

    I'm sure we can find you some more orders down in New Zealand :)
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    All the info and photos are available on the www.racedac.com website.
  • Great! looking forward some photos of the final unit.
  • This sounds perfect for my logging needs together with 10Hz GPS and large-screen PDA.
    If it works well, I can sure find a couple of more customers here in Denmark...

    Any news about delivery dates?
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    Deliveries started june/july 2011.
  • Great can't wait for it !
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    RaceDAC is performing really great;
    revealing for example drivers throttle control and shifting:

    RaceDAC, get it!
  • We are looking forward to them as well.
  • Ladys and Gentlemen, we are now taking orders.
    So please visit http://www.racedac.com for more info.
  • Very interresting in the state, but I have a question:

    Consider you make other or future version with integrated GPS (5 or 10 Hz) or add gyroscopes and (or) accelerometers ?
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    Maybe with external expansion module...
  • cannt wait to get mine ;-)

    i will start with RPM, TPS & ( GPS ) + maybe frontwheel speed sensor
  • Hello,
    i got mine today :-))

    does racecrono only supprt
    5 Analogue inputs.
    1 RPM input.


    a wiring diagram would be nice.
  • At the moment it's so. But I'm working on a new version that will support all 2 digital and 8 analoque inputs.
  • it would be nice to have the posibility to rename the input channels.
    and maybe a TPS channel with clalibration 0-100% Throttle Position would make sense.
  • I understand the need, but I also have to make very minimal changes to the current version to be able to work on the v2 for Android. :)
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    Hi norman,

    RaceDAC allows user to fully modify (multiply/divide/offset) the absolute values which comes out from RaceDAC.
    For example:
    TPS-sensor output is DC 1.02-4.62 V (at idle throttle opening to full throttle opening).
    TPS-sensor connected to analogchannel1 input.
    With default settings RaceDAC output is:
    0-5 V -> 0-5000
    1.02-4.62 V -> 1020-4620
    User sets analogchannel1 user offset to (-)1020
    1.02-4.62 V -> 0-3600
    User sets analogchannel1 user divider to 36
    1.02-4.62 V -> 0-100
    Now user has analogchannel1 "TPS" output value "0-100" "%"

    (Also connector list added to RaceDAC user guide, thanks for notifying about it!)
  • Did someone try RaceDAC on his bike and can share his experience here? I'm interested in trying it on my Aprilia.

    My other question is a little off topic and related to brake pressure sensors. Does anyone know where to find them?
  • I installed RaceDAC to my KTM RC8 few weeks ago. Wired speed sensor, RPM sensor, throttle position sensor and, for braking analysis for now, brakelight info from the bike . All the required information was found from RC8 wiring diagram and hooking up the RDAC was pretty simple task. Speed sensor is unused for now, since RaceChrono supports only one digital channel for now, but RPM worked out of the box. Other channels naturally required some calibration.

    Tested it for two days at race track with RaceChrono and everything worked like a charm. No connection errors, data breakdowns or anything. I'm very happy with it and now searching affordable brake pressure + some kind of sensor for measuring suspension movement too.
  • Hi All,
    I have the RaceDac wired up in my racecar and it seems to be running smoothly!
    It did not give any problems - though the calibration coould probably cause some gray hairs for non-nerds untill some smarter software is released ;o)
    I get fine data into RaceChrono, but when I export to csv for use in TrackVision I get zero values for RPM and TPS? I guess that I am missing some kind of mapping of the datasets?
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    @absum, @Bentos : thanks for sharing your experience.

    @absum : did you find some pressure sensor for your bike ? I tried to find some without success... And what about your dampers sensor ? Maybe a couple of simple brake sensor (just the one that detect you're braking, be it mechanical like ton my bike or hydraulic on some bikes) AND a front damper sensor can help to understand how strong is the brake

    Did someone find a (one or two way) accelerator sensor ? I'd like to be able to grab this data too. I found some sensors but they don't deliver a linear output : could be a nightmare to calibrate/interpret.
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    Hi @Bentos,
    Latest RacecChrono 1.45-version supports data exporting.

    Hi @delirii,
    At the moment we are testing linear potentiometers for suspension. And soon we will be testing brake pressure sensor.
    And after testing, we will make a pre-order-offer including RaceDAC and sensors.

    And, Hi All RaceDAC-owners, you will also be able to get the sensors to the "same" price.
  • where to pick up RPM signal
    - from the ECU/Dashboard signal
    directly from the CrankPositionSensor (PCM/PCP)

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    Hi norman,

    Use the ECU/Dashboard signal. Usually it is a digital signal. And it is suitable for RaceDAC.

    CrankPositionSensor and CamPositionSensor signals are usually hi-frequency and variable amplitude sine-wave-signals. So those signals are neither analog 0-5V/0-15V nor digital signals. I.e. not suitable for RaceDAC.
  • Hi @RaceDAC,

    I was looking at this kind of sensor : Bosch 0 265 005 303 (brake sensor, up to 250 bars, used in many cars). I don't know if this is the kind of sensor you'll study. It may not be the cheapest too (due to the brand...)
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    Hi delirii,

    Yes, the one we will be testing is similar to the one you are referring to.
  • Ok, keep us informed about your tests and the results, either here or on your website (or better, both).
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    anyone logging lambda values ?

    i have a bazzaz z-afm

    suggestions on logging wireing and calibration of AFR oder Lambda
  • Hi norman,

    if you can not get proper documentation from the manufacturer (Bazzaz), we strongly recommend you to get a wideband lambda-sensor+controller, for example Innovate LC-1 (quite cheap in ebay, and very popular amongst DIY-people), which is meant for DIY installations and comes with proper documentation.

    Without documentation the only other way around is to go to a dyno-shop and measure voltage values from your z-afm output, while you get corresponding AFR-values from dynos sensor.
    Still, the first alternative is cheaper, and much more easyer.
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