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[u][color=Fuchsia]C-W[/color]-Track          Date     Weather      Vehicle                   Rider     RegLap BestLap Rem File[/u]
[color=Fuchsia]FR-2[/color]-Ales          11.03.23 Dry/18~26°C  BMW-S1000RR-2011          hugos     1:30   1:28.3  [url=]YES[/url] [url=]BIN[/url]
[color=Fuchsia]FR-2[/color]-Carole        10.02.19              APRILIA-RSV1000-1999      Yero      1:15   1:13.8  [url=]NO[/url]  [url=]BIN[/url]
[color=Fuchsia]FR-2[/color]-Carole        10.04.03              APRILIA-RSV1000-1999      Yero      1:25   1:23.1  [url=]YES[/url] [url=]BIN[/url]
[color=Fuchsia]FR-2[/color]-Cheneviere    10.07.14 Dry          YAMAHA-R6-2001          Dartagnan57 2:13   2:10.3  [url=]YES[/url] [url=]NMEA-BIN[/url]
[color=Fuchsia]FR-2[/color]-Genetouze     11.05.19 Dry/18~26°C  SUZUKI-Bandit1200S-1996   marc      1:28   1:26.8  [url=]YES[/url] [url=]BIN[/url]
[color=Fuchsia]FR-2[/color]-Ledenon       11.07.14 Dry/Wind     APRILIA-RSV factory-2004  bosniak   1:36   1:34.6  [url=]YES[/url] [url=]BIN[/url]
[color=Fuchsia]FR-2[/color]-Ledenon       10.04.09 Dry/9~20°C   TRIUMPH-StreetTriple-2008 hugos     1:50   1:48.1  [url=]YES[/url] [url=]NMEA[/url]
[color=Fuchsia]FR-2[/color]-LeMansBugatti 10.03.22              APRILIA-RSV1000-1999      Yero      2:05   2:03.8  [url=]NO[/url]  [url=]BIN[/url]
[color=Fuchsia]FR-2[/color]-Magny Cours   12.07.20 Dry/18~22°C  TRIUMPH-StreetTriple R    Kyrou     none   1:59.7  [url=]YES[/url] [url=]BIN[/url]
[color=Fuchsia]FR-2[/color]-Val de Vienne 12.08.25 Dry/10°C     DUCATI-900 ssie-1999      mario86   2:01   1:59.0  [url=]YES[/url] [url=]BIN[/url]
[color=Fuchsia]FR-2[/color]-Val de Vienne 12.05.03 Dry/10~20°C  YAMAHA-R6-2008          Sinigaglia  1:51   1:49.8  [url=]YES[/url] [url=]BIN[/url]
[color=Fuchsia]FR-2[/color]-Val de Vienne 10.04.16              APRILIA-RSV1000-1999      Yero      2:00   1:56.8  [url=]NO[/url]  [url=]BIN[/url]
Rem = Remarks, link to Rider Post

RaceChrono is a good tool to advance our personal driving skills on the track.

To improve, we must analyze our own data, but it is also very interesting to compare with other people's data. This helps to identify weaknesses and also its strengths compared to other driving style or to other vehicles models.

By practicing, you had already done many laps where you have followed another drivers. (In French we say follow the wheel of another person)

You have learned by seeing how they do.

In abstract, by sharing our data, we could all learn from each others.

This share is open to any vehicle that has 2, 3 or 4 wheels.

This share is also open to anyone, from beginners to experienced. All data are useful!

To participate, please post by filling in each category, then I would resume all in the initial post alphabetically ordered.

I am not an expert, especially vehicles that have 4 wheels.

Any feedbacks are welcomed, please note that a line is limited to 100 characters, we must be concise.


Country-Number of wheels of the machine-Name of track(as the one shown in RaceChrono track library) = USA-4-Laguna Seca


Year.Month.Day = 11.05.22


Dry, Damp, Wet / Minimum and maximum temperatures in °C = Dry/10~25°C


Brand-Model-Year = BMW-S1000RR-2011


Rider name or your nickname

Reg Lap

Regular lap of a significant result (excluding warm up laps), time in min:sec = 1:50

Best Lap

Time in min:sec = 1:45.2


Remarks YES or NO

Everything is normal, nothing to report or you do not want to detail: write NO

Write YES in the case you would like to explain some details to be clarified if it would help the person who compares your laps with his own.


Describe the session: number of series, duration of series and total number of laps completed. If your best lap was done when you were behind another driver, specify details about him/her. All the important points that make your vehicle is different from a standard one, such as the final drive, more powerful engine than the original, mode used (specify for example in the case of the BMW S1000R the mode used like Rain, Sport, Race or Slick), if the tyres are special such as rain tyres, etc...


Download link to an NMEA file or (and) the 2 BINary RaceChrono files

There are two ways to share your data:

nmea file in zip archive, this format is preferable because it is more universal


the two RaceChrono files (plots.bin and session.bin) in a zip archive.

You can find this files in "RaceChrono\Sessions".

You'll need to host it somewhere on the internet and provide the link to download (such as megaupload ...)

As a last resort, if you can not host files to share you can send them to me at: hacker[dot]harry[at]gmail[dot]com

To participate, copy the text below and paste it into a new message, edit it with your data.


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    C-W-Track = Country-Wheels-Track Name
    Date = YY.MM.DD
    Weather = Dry,Damp,Wet/10~25°C
    Vehicle = Brand-Model-Year
    Rider = your nickname
    Lap Regular = 0:00
    Best Lap = 0:00.0
    Rem = NO or YES and I write my remarks here.
    NMEA File or BIN Files = http://valid.url/

    IMPORTANT = Select "Format comments as :" Text and click on "Add your comments"
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    C-W-Track = FR-2-Ledenon
    Date = 10.04.09
    Weather = Dry/9~20°C
    Vehicle = TRIUMPH-StreetTriple-2008
    Rider = hugos
    Lap Regular = 1:50
    Best Lap = 1:48.1
    Rem = YES: 7 series of 20 minutes, 55 laps for a full day. I started on this track is very technical and impressive relief. My bike is strictly original. The lap record is 1:22 on a motorcycle, I'm really a beginner!
    NMEA File =
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    C-W-Track = FR-2-Ales
    Date = 11.03.23
    Weather = Dry/18~26°C
    Vehicle = BMW-S1000RR-2011
    Rider = hugos
    Lap Regular = 1:30
    Best Lap = 1:28.3
    Rem = YES: 2 series of 20 minutes, 19 laps in total, bike test "BMW Track Experience" at Ales track. The test bike is strictly original and is equipped with Metzeler tires Racetec Interact. I used the RACE mode.
    During the last serie, an incident occurred at lap 14: It's very exciting to use the shifter (new to me) in a straight line on this bike makes 200hp. At the end of the straight line I always pass from 4th speed to 3rd speed approaching the turn 1. And then I mixed everything in my brain, I forget to use the clutch! I took a turn 1 in neutral (specifically a false neutral between the third and fourth speed). Horror and cold sweat, his eyes must not lose focus but the exit of turn. I was distracted and cooled considerably for the final laps.
    BIN Files =
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    Just FYI,
    We have set up an area just for this. We are trying to keep it sorted by track.
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    Written with courtesy of Yero:

    C-W-Track = FR-2-Val de Vienne,Le Vigeant
    Date = 10.04.16
    Weather = ?
    Vehicle = APRILIA-RSV1000-1999
    Rider = Yero
    Lap Regular = 2:00
    Best Lap = 1:56.8
    Rem = NO
    BIN Files =
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    Written with courtesy of Yero:

    C-W-Track = FR-2-Carole
    Date = 10.04.03
    Weather = ?
    Vehicle = APRILIA-RSV1000-1999
    Rider = Yero
    Lap Regular = 1:25
    Best Lap = 1:23.1
    Rem = YES, Lap 21 is invalid
    BIN Files =
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    Written with courtesy of Yero:

    C-W-Track = FR-2-Le Mans Bugatti
    Date = 10.03.22
    Weather = ?
    Vehicle = APRILIA-RSV1000-1999
    Rider = Yero
    Lap Regular = 2:05
    Best Lap = 2:03.8
    Rem = NO
    BIN Files =
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    Written with courtesy of Yero:

    C-W-Track = FR-2-Carole
    Date = 10.02.19
    Weather = ?
    Vehicle = APRILIA-RSV1000-1999
    Rider = Yero
    Lap Regular = 1:15
    Best Lap = 1:13.8
    Rem = NO
    BIN Files =
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    By e-mail

    C-W-Track = FR-2-HAUT DE SAINTONGE(genetouze)
    Date = 11.05.19
    Weather = Dry/18~26°C
    Vehicle = SUZUKI-Bandit1200S-1996
    Rider = marc
    Lap Regular = 1:28
    Best Lap = 1:26.8
    Rem = YES: 5 series of 20 minutes, 50 laps in total, Open Mutuelle des Motards at Haut de saintonge track. The bike is strictly original and is equipped with Pirelli Diablo corsa.
    BIN Files =

    The track is not yet in RaceChrono Track library, you can temporarily download it here:
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    C-W-Track = FR-2-Cheneviere
    Date = 10.07.14
    Weather = Dry
    Vehicle = YAMAHA-R6-2001
    Rider = Dartagnan57
    Lap Regular = 2:13
    Best Lap = 2:10.3
    Rem = YES: 7 laps, GPS Phone 1hz. My bike is damaged, the right footrest is broken and the rear brake also.
    NMEA File and BIN Files =

    The track is not yet in RaceChrono Track library, you can temporarily download it here:
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    C-W-Track = FR-2-Ledenon
    Date = 11.07.14
    Weather = Dry / Strong wind
    Vehicle = APRILIA-RSV factory-2004
    Rider = bosniak
    Lap Regular = 1:36
    Best Lap = 1:34.6
    Rem = YES: 45 laps. I did my best lap time in the late afternoon when the wind became less strong, my Alfano report 1:34.3 for lap45.
    Tires used are dunlop D211 sculptured (front Medium / rear Endurance)
    BIN Files =
  • @hugos

    Merci pour la Map de haute saintonges. je la voulais avant d'aller rouler. ca m'evite de faire le tracé sur place.
  • jose72:

    Sympa le petit message.


    si cela te branche ... partage tes données avec les autres !

    Ya plus qu'a poster à la suite ...
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    C-W-Track = FR-2-Val de Vienne
    Date = 2012/05/03
    Weather = Dry,/10~20°C
    Vehicle = Yamaha R6 2008
    Rider = Sinigaglia
    Lap Regular = 1.52
    Best Lap = 1.49.8
    Rem = Pirelli superbike Sc1/sc2, aflano best time : 1.49.6
    BIN Files =
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    C-W-Track = france-2-val de vienne
    Date = 12.08.25
    Weather = Dry/10°C
    Vehicle = ducati- 900 ssie-1999
    Rider = mario86
    Lap Regular = 2:01
    Best Lap =1:59.0
    Rem = course DCF 333 recto 2012
    BIN Files =
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    C-W-Track = FR-2-Magny-cours
    Date = 12.07.20
    Weather = Dry/18~22°C
    Vehicle = TRIUMPH-StreetTriple R
    Rider = Kyrou
    Lap Regular = none
    Best Lap = 1:59.7
    Rem = YES: 1 laps, Pirelli Dragon supercorsa Sc1/Sc2, Demul origine, Orga : K Motors
    BIN File =
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