some fun vids using rc

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  • Interresting ! R8 vs black Porche and blue Porche.

    Front and rear video is very good.

    I'm not an expert in cars : what type of Porches (and power engine) ?

    You wait a little in a straight line to make it more interresting?
  • Nice vid.

    A question, what software did you use to render the gauges ?
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    this is a driving school that only allows passing after a point there are slight delays as this R8 driver waits for a signal.

    gauges are from dashware
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    What fields did you use for the Throttle/Brake? I see from the Rav's that you used an OBD reader but it looked like you used "Longitudinal Acceleration (G)" for the Throttle as dies off at high revs like G does (even though you keep accelerating). It looks very smooth (and very good) where as the G-Metre shows the G-Figure is bouncing around everywhere.

    I've tried to use +/- Long G as a Throttle bar chart but mine is too erratic and could probably do with a 2hz capture rate rather than the 10hz my GPS works at.
  • What program did you use to do the picture in picture like that? Looks great!
  • Thanks for pointing me to Dashware!....It is free now!...and it works really well, as well as being able to build custom gauges, as it is totally customizable.

    Now I have to redo all of my videos....:(
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