problems getting my Qstarz 818xt to transfer data to my MOT q9c

hello all:
I'm running a Motorola Q9c as my lap timer--Win Mobile 6.0--and have loaded RC 1.43 to it.
I have paired the devices and selected bluetooth gps but when I try to turn on the device I get an error in turning it on and that if my device runs a WideComm bluetooth stack, it is not supported and that I need to use a serial port connection.

Will 1.43b RC fix this or am I stuck with a serial connection?


  • aolaol
    edited January 2012
    Hello, download the WIDCOMM version, it is under a small link on the download page near the non-WIDCOMM build. I think that should do it.
  • That version works, but I can't set a split. I can record a lap, set the start/finish line but when I try to set a trap/slip, nothing happens. I can't move on down the track and focus where I want to create a new split. My MOTO Q is not a touch screen but have heard if I push the left/right button together this will occur but I only get a zoom in or out--no movement along the track. thoughts?

    I know this works on 1.40 but as of right now 1.40 only records 5 laps.
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