Qstarz 818xt 5Hz DGPS vs 10Hz GPS

Did I understood right that DPGS correct absolute position on a large time scale? I mean that with DGPS enabled GPS position will be acurate with clouds and as well without them.
Without DGPS (normal GPS) position for cloudy condition will differ for sunny weather.
Does it mean that for short race session (less then 1 hour, lets assume weather is stable) DGPS is sensless??
I just want understand it. I think that 10Hz anyway will be better then 5 Hz even if 5Hz comes with DGPS.


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    I think XT works better in 5 Hz mode (switch it to 1 Hz so RaceChrono will use it as 5 Hz). It's just my experience, I do not have any theory behind this. Actually any MTK-II chipset can be turned to 10 Hz by software, so there must be a reason why only QSTARZ does it (marketing vs. quality?).
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