Datalogger port not opening

It seems on the windows computer version of RaceChrono it does not open the serial port that is set for the Racelogger/datalogger. I have monitored the port and it does not open the port like all other applications do when they access data from a serial port. It doesnt matter if it is a usb/virtual com port or proper serial port or bluetooth com port. Therefore you cannot use the datalogger without somehow opening the port (without locking it) so that RaceChrono can connect.

I have observed the issue on both 1.43 and 1.45.

Is this a bug? is there a way to fix it?


  • Is it same or different if you try to do same for OBD-II? There should not be difference on how RC connects OBD-II and the Datalogger.
  • I think I can see the problem, does RaceChrono only support com ports 1 to 16?
  • So lower ports work and higher not?
  • Yeah that seems to be the case... I've tried on multipple different PC's and it seems that ports above 16 do not work but ports below 16 I can get working.
  • I guess the issue with this is that most laptops these days have very few spare com ports available below 16 and it often requires trying to move another device to a different port to make one below 16 available for RaceChrono.
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