Preview2 available

Preview2 is now available in the same location as previous Preview1:

Fixed in preview2:

• Importing old sessions crashes if only -session.bin file is available (no -plots.bin)
• Graph problem with Galaxy Nexus


  • Aol, in the new preview there is bag in the map view during live timer.
    I see that you add zoom option it good, but it does not work properly. When I try to zoom out somehow cursor and track disappear. It seems to me that center of zooming is not a cursor position but some other point.
    Another strange thing. Once I said that would be good to cash map images, so on my way few images are cashed:) even after rebooting devise.
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    First, let me say that I really appreciate your efforts to make RaceChrono available for Android phones.
    I am having the following issue with the google maps for creating the tracks, it appears to only display a black screen with google in lower left hand corner.

    Phone: SE X10 Xperia
    Android: 2.1 update 1
    Racechrono: RaceChrono_v2000preview2_Android.apk

    Is it something to do with the version of android I am running on the phone, or do I need to install another app from google to get it working. I have the laters update of Google maps installed too.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    fordmustang: Does the satellite imagery appear if you zoom out enough? The satellite imagery is not available everywhere, unfortunately.... The map appears black when no satellite imagery, and grey when cannot load map tiles.
  • Yes it does appear now, looks like by default that it is zoomed in at the bottom of the ocean.
    Ok, now I need to play around with it to set up a track map, first a test map and then one of the local track (Mondello Park). Cheers for your help, I will probably be back with more questions. Thanks again.
  • I've been using the symbian and WM versions - I am interested in trying the Android version - if you are still willing to make it available - please advise.
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