New news: Preview4 now available

Preview4 is now available in the same location as previous Preview3/2/1!

As promised, changes in this preview impact the day-to-day use a lot. In my opinion I've fixed the most annoying problems with the previous ones, I hope you think the same. Next version will probably have exporting to video generators, improved analyze views and best of all, it will be available in the Android Market for free!

Changes in Preview4:
• Session can now be resumed (press "Resume" from after opening the session). Every new resume uses completely new files for data storage, so there is no danger of corrupting old data in event of loss of power.
• Added long-press context menu to lap list: Laps can now be marked invalid and comparison lap can be changed.
• Numeric values for X- and Y-axis are now displayed below the Graph
• General usability and performance improvements in the Analyze feature
• User is asked to enable Bluetooth, if it is needed but disabled
• Fixed: "Devices" button was not visible in portrait mode of the Lap Timer
• Fixed: Live Timer showed previous lap as best lap
• Fixed: Crash when last session was deleted and then opened
• Fixed: Automatic track detection from library was broken
• Fixed: Scaled X-axis did not work for comparison lap

Changes in Preview3:
• Implemented browsing the Track Library.
• Implemented submitting tracks to Track Library
• Fixed: Selecting Bluetooth device crashed sometimes
• About track library: The tracks are classified by country, and at the and of the list will have "Unofficial", "Pending review" and "Rejected" -categories. Submitted tracks will appear immediately to "Pending Review" category. You need to press refresh button at the library tab to get the changes. When I modify and make a track official, it will move under country category. If I reject (street racing, ice racing etc.) or make it unofficial (when there is doubt if the track is valid) the track will move to "Rejected" or "Unofficial" category accordingly.

Changes in preview2:
• Fixed: Importing old sessions crashes if only -session.bin file is available (no -plots.bin)
• Fixed: Graph problem with Galaxy Nexus


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    Preview4e now available. Download from same place as usually. Changes from original release:
    • Fixed: Browse tracks list does not download
    • Fixed: Importing old sessions crashes
  • Hi, i'm interested to test the Android App on my GS II. Where can I find it?
  • Hi Admin! I'm also interessted to try out the Adroid Version for my Sony Xperia S.
  • Hi Aol, this month I go to Nurgburgring with any friend. I have a Galaxy S2 ICS... i'm interested to test the Android App on my GS II. Where can I find it?
  • what must one do to qualify for a copy of the preview? I would like to try it out alongside my mychron4 data logger, and then run it through dashware. I would be using it in club races (karting)
  • Hello!

    Just curious, do ou have a plan for the next release, this one works flawless but i am very interested in the features. I have said it before but i say again, your work is pretty damn good!
  • bimmerboy: I cannot give ETA for the next version. But I'm trying to do it as quickly as I can, it will have important features like exporting, and it will be available from Play Store for free.
  • Hi,

    any chance I can download the preview somewhere ? Would save me the hassle of dragging the laptop to the trackdays :) thanks for your efforts !
  • Hi, aol. So next release will be first production release ?
  • IlDuce: Yeah, I think one could say so. I think it will be the first version that I can be proud of :)
  • Terve, please add me to the mailing list to test this preview version. Ver.2 already was better for me than trackmaster.
  • Tested today, very easy, affordable and stable, i've no crash to report. I'm using the 2.006 rel and the bigger lack i could notice till now is that exporting isn't possible. Many compliments for your work.
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