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    does racechrono works on a Samsung GALAXY STAR GT-S5280 with Android 4.1? This Phone had no GPS but i want to use a GPS Trip Recorder and connect this via bluetooth.
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    guster, well, it is a very low end device with low screen resolution, small memory, slow processor etc. Using the app won't be as nice as with phones almost same price but much better specs. I think it will work fine, but the low resolution (240x320) will be the biggest problem when viewing lap chart and graphs. Lowest resolution I'm testing the app with is 320x480 and the lowest I would comfortably recommend to buy is 800x480.
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    Thanks aol for the answer. Yes i know this handy is not the best but it is cheap :) and has a 1GHZ processor and Bluetooth 4.0
    I want to use this on my racebike. So if i make crash, i dont have to worry about this cheap handy ;)
    i try to download the app from the store, but racechrono is not compatible with this cellphone. I think the problem is that this cellphone (handy) has no GPS :( or is it the android 4.1 jelly bean?
  • Gustel, I think you are right about the lack of GPS, it is probably the reason why RC is not available for your device from Play Store. I've just released a beta version without GPS requirement please try if you can install it. Notice you need to join the beta group with steps described here http://www.racechrono.com/forum/#/discussion/832/beta-group
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    I tried RC on my Galaxy S4 and had the same problems as Shayno a few posts up. Turns out the problem was the phone was in my pocket so was under me when on the bike. Made a mount at the front of the fairing with the phone nearly flat screen to the sky under the wind screen and it worked very well. The phones 1hz gps was the only hold up with half the laps showing odd lines around the corners, whether the 45 degree tipping of the bike in corners plays a part I don't know. The timing was excellent and ability to compare any lap with any other lap on any section of the 7 sections I'd broken the track into was a very valuable tool in showing where I was going wrong getting on the gas in a number of corners.
    But still not good enough so have an Qstarz BT-818XT on the way. I'll test it on 5 and 10 hz with the S4. I am hoping for an accurate enough positioning to be able to compare lines through corners of each lap as well. I'll keep you posted.
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    I did some tests with my Samsung Galaxy S1 (i9000) with Qstarz 818XT 10hz.

    Qstarz 818XT 5HZ everything okey, running steady at 5Hz.
    Qstarz 818XT 10 Hz, in racechrono switching from 10 to 8/7/5/1 Hz. So it is not stable.

    Then i set my minimum speed at 400 mhz. (default is 100 mhz) And i did a 7 minutes test, (2km) with my bicycle and it was rock steady @ 10 Hz.

    I will test some more. To try out more these days.

    Galaxy S1 (i9000)
    Mackay custom rom, Android 4.4.2
    Governor: Interactive
    Minimal cpu clockspeed: 400 (Default is 100)
    Maximal cpu clockspeed: 1000

    Purple line is the HZ line.
    Before (cpu speed 100 mhz)

    After: (cou speed 400 mhz)

    (Edit: Test it again, and again the same results)
  • Slowchicane, nice find! Wonder if this bandwidth issue is entirely some power saving problem after all.
  • A quick feedback :
    No way to install RaceChrono on a Kliver HC-756, it doesn't appear on the Play Store...
    The tablet run with Android 4.2.2
    Any idea ? (probably a custom 4.2.2 for the cheap tablet)
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    Pimousse, any idea which processor it has? RaceChrono only supports ARM processors, but I would think all these cheap devices have ARM...
  • The processor is a Boxchip 1,2 GHz.
    It´s good to know that, I'll add this to the user manual. Thanks !
  • Boxchip has ARM architecture so it doesn't explain... Not sure why it isnt available. PS. I plan to support x86 near future.
  • Is Play store that do not let the device download and install ?
    On which criteria ?
  • Hi Guys, Just bought a QStarz 818xt 10HZ and I have an old Galaxy mini with Race Crono on.

    I see that some people have had trouble and some managed to solve the problems with runnning at 10HZ.
    As soon as I move the switch to 10HZ on the Q Starz the blue tooth light no longer flashes is this okay?

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    zippstar, I think it disconnects Bluetooth when changing the update rate.
  • Thanks aol.
    What is the correct way to go about things?

    If I leave it on the 1Hz seetting will it work at 5Hz do I need to adjust any of the settings in RC?
  • On default settings RaceChrono will set it to 5 hz, when in 1 Hz mode. The chipset needs to be set to MTK and 'do not modify settings' off.
  • will racechrono work on a Acer Liquid Z3 and appear RaceChrono for this cellphone in the playstore? This Phone has a Medi Tek MT6572M Dualcore processor.
  • It should work, it is ARMv7 afaik. The next version of RaceChrono will support also x86 processors...
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    I've just installed Racechrono but not had chance to use it on track yet. I've a Google Nexus 5. What update rates can I expect from my internal GPS please? I've read about external GPS devices offering 5Hz or 10Hz but wondered how my internal GPS would perform.
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    Hi ChrisH, all internal GPS are 1 Hz.

    Remember Hz is not everything, it's mostly about the reception. Phones usually have worse antenna than any external GPS, which make phone reception generally much worse than with any external GPS. Some high end phones do support GLONASS satellites, which makes the reception better than some (bad) external GPS.

    Also, usually install location of a phone is worse than external GPS. External GPS are small and easy to install to optimal position (to direct view to satellites).

    The update rate (Hz) is about how smooth your trajectories are in corners, and how accurately the braking points are visible in the app. But if the reception is off, the data will be useless no matter how many Hz you have.
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    Thanks aol for the response. I've just placed an order for a Garmin GLO. I'll report back on how it works with the Nexus 5 in due course.

    Edit: Can now report that Nexus 5 and Garmin GLO work perfectly together. Thanks Racechrono.
  • Hi everyone, I'm new to race chrono and bought this external GPS which is called Fuzion 44. I have only now discovered that there are others which might work well with my Sony Xperia LT30 phone. The GPS unit has not arrived yet and I dont know whether its 10, 5 or 1Hz. Does anybody know this unit?
  • I've been running Dual XGPS160 lately, works great. Steady 10 Hz and locks to 20 satellites (it has GLONASS). 30% more expensive than Garmin GLO, but at least it keeps steady 10 Hz, and the build quality is seems to be much better.
  • Guys I got this GPS. Connected to my Xperia LT30 without any problems, bluetooth light is on, the app is connected to the receiver. Once I start the session the satelite connection light on the receiver comes on but the phone does not show any data, no altitude, location or anything. It also says 'fixed to 0 satelites'. What can be the problem?
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    i'm gonna buy Sony z1 compact, I wonder if its compatible with racechrono. It has kitkat and i'm gonna use Qstarz BT-818XT with it.

    and its gonna be rooted if i get it.
  • I haven't heard any reports that it would not be supported. Also the specs seems good.
  • Okay, seems good for me. And thank you for answering so fast, you do a great job with this app. Keep it up!

  • Does race chrono also work with the qstarz BT-1000eX 5Hz device?
  • chri, yes that works as a normal GPS receiver. The data logging feature cannot be used with RaceChrono.
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