RaceChrono v2.10 and v2.11 thread. Free discussion.

I've just released RaceChrono v2.11 to Play Store. Go and get it. Post your questions and bug reports and free discussion about v2.10 and v2.11 here.

Here's the full change log: http://www.racechrono.com/news/?p=352

Next I'll be working on the map display, I want to show straight and corner speeds on the map like the Symbian version did. I will also work on predictive lap timing.


  • Tried the export funtion today and i got problem

    is it possible to export a single lap? Now i only can export whole session or fragment. I want to export one of threee laps in a fragment
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    bimmerboy, unfortunately it is possible to export per fragment of per session only. I'm trying my best to keep the application simple, so I'm dropping features that might not be missed by many. Is there special use case for exporting one lap only; a situation where exporting the whole fragment, but using only one lap of it in video generator, doesn't work?
  • I can see 2.10 in the Play store, but it isn't offering me an update - I seem to be stuck on 2.00.6. Doesn't seem to be a way to force an update.

    I could uninstall and reinstall, I suppose, but would that destroy my existing sessions history?
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    V96GLF: I guess you participated the early beta preview were the .apk's where installed from web, not Play Store. You need to install from Play Store to be able to upgrade automatically later. When you uninstall+install, you will lose all your application settings (such as GPS settings), but you will KEEP the recorded sessions and tracks created!
  • Any way to import sessions from an older version? I have several sessions on my Nokia E71 (Symbian S60) with RaceChrono 1.45 and I'd like to get them over to Android...
  • Thank you... I've noticed it a second ago.
  • Antti:

    I tried to export then import the fragment to racerrender but it seems like something is wrong. I whas a while since the last time but i should be easy.

    the fragment concern 3 laps but in racerender i can see lap 000 to 023 where all laps is 000 except for lap 20 with 1.44, lap 21 with 10.07, lap 22 21.52 and lap 23 that is marked incomplete, all threee laps should be around 8.15 to 8.45 long tough the are driven on Nordschelife. In the phone everything look fine. I am gone try to export and import the whole session and see how that works. Ill get back with feeedback.

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    I can take a look if it seems there is problem in either RaceRender or RaceChrono. Just send me the sessions if you feel like.
  • Did you get the file antti? Sorry if the files whas big but the whole session is for a week on Nordschleife :-)
  • bimmerboy: sorry, didn't have time to check it yet :)
  • Ok then i quit to push F5 here in the forum :-)
  • bimmerboy: Sorry it took me a while to get around to it. I can't tell what's wrong with it by looking at it. I see that RaceRender goes through some laps really quickly. I sent it to RaceRender to check, maybe Weston from RR can better judge what's going on. We have good working relationship so I'm sure we come to a solution soon to make you happy and able to render some videos.
  • Nice work and respond as usual Antti, appreciate!

    I am sure this will be sorted out and it´s perfect to check with Weston firrst offcourse.
  • I`ve been using previous versions recently and have had no issues, exporting to RR and overlays work fine.

    One thing I can`t seem to do is compare a lap from one session with another lap from a different session. The drop downs at the top only list the laps for the comparison form the same session.
  • It's possible, in vertical screen mode, reducing the size of the numbers? This is because "minutes" are partially visible. Tks
  • I remember OBD-II support in other versions, or platforms... Now in Android, What about using a "Wi-Fi OBD-II connector" and tracing Speed, throttle and rpms in example??
    I've seen them cheap online, cheaper than a Bluetooth GPS in fact... (And my bike has OBD-II connector of course, I use it wiring to my Laptop)


  • PeppeL: OK, I will consider this when I next redesign the timer.
  • Nigep: Yep that is currently not implemented, it's on my to-do list though. Not a big thing to implement, but more of user interface design problem...
  • Jimmy: Yep, I'm planning to do the OBD-II support in the near future. I haven't tried the WIFI conncetors, but I could buy one if they are cheaply available from somewhere.
  • I've seen theese ones:

    10.97USD http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vehicle-V1-5-ELM327-OBDII-OBD2-Diagnose-Bluetooth-Auto-Car-Diagnostic-Scanner-/261077089838?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item3cc9683e2e
    18.30USD http://dx.com/p/obdii-bluetooth-car-diagnostic-cable-black-blue-orange-dc-12v-42825?rt=1&p=6&m=1&r=4&k=1&t=1&s=&u=42825

    WIFI ELM327
    26USD http://www.ebay.com/itm/WIFI-ELM327-Wireless-OBD2-Auto-Scanner-Adapter-Scan-Tool-for-iPhone-ipad-iPod-/150931843710?pt=Motors_Automotive_Tools&hash=item23243d2a7e&vxp=mtr

    It is not an expensive gadget. I don't know which one better for us, bluetooth or wifi, but noone is expensive... Even though I guess GPS antenna it is gonna be still necessary to check finishline crossing... But maybe having accurate speed data from OBD-II, the internal GPS were enough to check finish-line crossings... So just one gadget working thru bluetooth or if wifi works better, at least one gadget less to be carried :) (I'm just thinking and guessing). Thanks.
  • Anything I could help you, don't hesitate to ask support by mail.
    I wouldn't mind to purchase the OBD-II you want to develope with and make any test and trying to help.

    I'm a computer enginneer and better bike pilot ;) ... I have a Galaxy S, Android 4.1.2, and an external GPS 5Hz (I don't remember which one now)
    The shame is that I can't go to racetracks as often as I want. :-S
    (Usually once/twice per month, resting July/August (too hot) and Nov/Dic/Ene (bad weather))
  • Is there a possibility to export data with split times?
    I noticed that when I export data to csv file to use it for video overlay, only lap times are shown. Split times are important for analysing on-board videos, why they are not exported?

    I also noticed that RaceChrono2AVI shows different lap times and counts laps a bit different than RaceChrono itself or RaceRender for example...
  • Havent been here for a while, is there any developing of the app at the moment Antti?
    give us some goodies to yearn for :-)
  • MAV, I'll take a look at the export functionality for next version, maybe this is one of the things that get fixed.
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    bimmerboy, yes, I'm using the quiet time of winter to program a major update. Expect "blank" map mode (for situations where you don't want to use mobile data), predictive lap timing etc. I will also work on exporting and analyzing.
  • Is it possible to 'share' individual tracks between devices without officially submitting them? I find it easier to design a track on my tablet, but my phone is obviously easier to carry on my bike :P Hoping to design a few tracks using the maps but get some testing in before they're submitted properly, and also share some tracks amongst friends that aren't really suitable for public consumption :P
  • obmerb, not currently but I have plans to do "cloud sync" and "share" features. Currently just submit the unfinished track, and but as description "unfinished" or something like this. I'll delete it while reviewing it after a while (week to two months) ...
  • Hi, Can you view sessions recorded in the android version on the PC version 1.45? I like to use the big screen and extra features on the pc version. I would also like to compare recent sessions with ones done over a year ago. The really useful features are the acceleration times, being able to compare laps from different sessions.

    Also is there a way to enter driver and vehicle details on the android version? It would be very handy as we use one phone to record multiple drivers and cars on the same day and need to keep track of these things.
  • The export seems to work ok on the phone without errors but i can't find the export folder or any exported files? is this a bug or are they hidden?

    I'me running v2.11 on a Motorola Razr M.
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