Speed display on android 2.11?

I've got the WM ver1.45 on an old MOT Q9c which provides a speed readout based on GPS position via a Qstartz 818xt.
When running the android version on a Samsung Galaxy Reverb I can't seem to be able to bring up vehicle speed to be viewed using just the GPS from the phone. Does that view exist on the android 2.11 version.


  • Hi, nice to hear you have moved on to the Android platform :) The gauges feature is not included in v2.11 but I try to do them for already next version. What else are you missing from the v1.45 ?
  • Thanks for the reply--I'll go through it and make a list.
    I have to say, I am very impressed with how the android version works on this phone--the display jumps out at you, all the tracks I go to--except Mid-OH--have been downloaded and since the processor is 4x faster than the MOT, I haven't had any freezes. A very impressive setup.
    I'll pickup a cheap ELM 327 device and will hopefully pull some data from the ECU.

    BTW, we replaced our 987 with a 981S and can't wait to get it on a track
  • Thanks for the feedback and congrats on the new car! Notice the v2.11 is missing OBD-II as well, but should be done too when spring comes :)
  • The v2.11 runs smoothly on my Xtreamer Aiki (android 4.0.3), pleased to see the development progress being made. I chiming in to say that besides reading lap times on my motorcycle (for which I still use my Nokia N95 with racechrono v1.45), I use Racechrono a lot as GPS speed display in my car. I would love to see the Datalogging only/Speed display back in the Android version.
  • ThomVis, thanks for the feedback! I will try to sort those concerns out for next version already.
  • v2.30 beta has gauges for all live data, including speed display
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