RaceChrono v2.20 - v2.21 thread, free discussion

I've just released RaceChrono v2.20 to Play Store. Go and get it. I hope you like it. Post your feedback, questions and bug reports about v2.20 here. Discussion is free so go for it!

I was intending to release it on monday, but Play Store console had changed so accidentally released it today. I hope no one is having problems with it at race track today :)

More information here: http://www.racechrono.com/news/?p=394

Here's the full change log: http://www.racechrono.com/news/?p=352

Finally go RaceChrono's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RaceChrono/104706009568917


  • just looooove the red/green colored feature!
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    Q: Is there any chance you can explain each new feature a little deeper so whe understand more what great improvements you have done?

    A: You must mean the new map overlays.

    Driving line coloured by a channel - Default channel is longitudinal acceleration, so you'll see your braking areas in red and acceleration green. The intensity of the color is is determined by the channel value, so high intensity means hard braking, and low intensity means light braking. You can switch this channel in Analysis settings, so for example lateral acceleration gives you coloured left and right turns with different color. Or maybe you want to use speed channel, then you get your stand still areas with red and high speed areas in green.

    High/low markers - Default channel is speed, so you'll get high speeds as green marker (basically a straight speed in circuit racing) and low speeds as red marker (basically a corner speed in circuit racing). You can switch it to other channels, so for example altitude gives you hilltops in green and valleys in red.
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    Yes i meant that AND the rest of the changelog, old guys like me need assistance :-)

    Finally implemented Standing Start traps AND How DOES IT WORK?

    Graph map can be changed between Satellite, Roadmap and Simple modes. Simple mode has just black background, so it does not cause any data transfer. HOW?
    Added support for hardware accelerated graphics EXPLAIN MORE PLEASE
    An ‘Update rate’ channel added for all devices EXPLAIN MORE PLEASE
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    Yeah I guess this stuff should go to the manual I write some day in the future :)

    Standing Start traps - 'Standing Start' trap is trigged when you start from standstill from inside of the trap's circle area. 'Standing Start' trap can be used for example in autocross, rally special stages and hill climb events where timing always starts from standstill. This is different from the normal 'Start' trap which is trigged when you move through a gate. For circuit racing you should always use 'Start/Finish' trap which ends previous lap and starts new one immediately when trigged.

    Map modes - Satellite mode displays areal photographs behind the session data. On roadmap mode it is the map in background. On 'Simple' mode is just black background - great for when you do not want to use data transfer, or don't want to see the satellite pictures.

    Update rate channel - Just like any other channel in the graph, but this one displays the update rate of the device in Hz. Any problems with the bluetooth connection will become apparent just by viewing this graph. A 5 Hz GPS should show as steady 5 Hz line in this graph when connection is working properly.
  • Just released v2.21 to Play Store, fixed couple of crashes and NMEA exporting
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    doh !! wrong section now moved to correct one
  • Hello, you are doing great job aol. I love the app. Thanks a lot for what you do.

    I just have one question I couldn't find anywhere - are you planning to include android tablets as supported devices? Or is it just my china made tablet that is not supported? My phone that I'll use to obtain the data and view times on the track is big enough for that purpose but it's quite small (and low resolution) for viewing the graphs, maps and so. It would be a bit more comfortable to just copy those session files to my tablet and view the data there.
    The tablet I'm talking about is Onda v801 running Android 4.1.1. It has 1024x768 screen.

    Thank you for your reply, best regards, Raduza, Czech Rep.
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    Raduza, actually tablets are supported. Unfortunately I have only one tablet device on my test arsenal which is Google Nexus 7 with 1280x800 resolution. Works great on that... Does Play Store refuse to install it for your tablet, or how is it evident that it is not supported?
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    Just checked the Play Store, and seems like Onda devices are neither on the supported devices list nor the unsupported devices list. It's very hard with these china devices that have some "hacked" version of Google apps on them... I can send you the .apk to you if you want to try to install manually.
  • Thank you for the reply. Yes, Play Store says it's incompatible with my device so I can't install it this way. I know it must be complicated to make it work on allmost every device. Especially on all those chinese devices that got "spread" to the world.

    I've allready tried to install it manually using backup .apk I made on my Galaxy Y but I don't know if it should even work because it has ARMv6 while the tablet has some other. Actually I'm not sure how this all works if there is one universal version on Play Store or not or whatever :).
    So if you think the .apk you would send me could possibly work even when the backup did not I'd be very pleased to receive it.
  • The .APK is same for all the devices from Android 2.2 and up, so it should work. RaceChrono doesn't work on MIPS or x86 devices, but should on all the ARM ones. Looked at the specs and the tablet seems to have standard Cortex A9 which is an ARM, so it should work.
  • Ok I looked at the backup file and it is 1,32 MB while the app installed in my phone is more than 3 MB. Is that ok? I couldn't find how big the .apk should be. If the size should be different could you send me the file then? Otherwise I'll probably keep watching it on my phone :).
    Yes the tablet has pretty common HW - Cortex A9 and dual Mali-400 so there is something else wrong.
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    The 1.3mb sounds about right. The APK's are compressed. Was there some kind of error message when installing the .APK? What did it say?
  • At first the permissions list appears then it shows some installation process and goes to "application not installed". It's not showing any error code or message.
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    Very hard to say why it fails ...
  • Hi, I just bought GoClever M713G tablet with Android 4.0.4 and have problem with connection to external GPS. I have paired the device, can see and select it in Racechrono settings but when I start the session, there is no communication over BT. But other apps like Bluetooth GPS Mouse or Trackmaster are working with external GPS without issues. Alse Racechrono (the same version 2.21) on my HTC Wildfire S works without issues with the same external GPS.

    I have tried two external GPS Nokia LD-4W and Qstarz bt-q818xt.
  • kenivruh: I have one idea what could be wrong. Can you test your tablet with this older version of RaceChrono? You need to uninstall the old one first. http://www.racechrono.com/beta/RaceChrono_v206_Android.apk
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    Ok, never mind and thanks for your effort

    Edit: One more thing I thought of. Couldn't the reason be absence of GPS or Bluetooth in my tablet? I wouldn't think so but all the GPS lap timers I found on Play store doesn't seem to work. It only allows me to install them to my mobile phone.
  • aol: this version 2.06 works good, great
  • kenivruh, OK, good to know, I have a good idea then what the problem is. I will need to add one fallback for connecting to the Bluetooth device for next version of RaceChrono... and then it should work.
  • Regarding x86 support. Does it mean that RaceChrono won't work on Motorola Razr I? Are you planning to support x86 in future?
    I was very interested in that device some time ago and I believe there'll be more phones based on Intel Atom processors...
  • Rocas, it would not be big effort to create the support, I guess. I don't have x86 device so I haven't done it... I could test it on emulator and send you a test version if you want to buy that phone anyways. But remember I cannot guarantee it will work, but I'd say it's 95% probable that it will work.
  • Nope, I'm not going to buy this particular phone right now. Just thoughts that x86 platform may have some progress in nearest future )
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    Yep, sooner or later I need to get x86 test phone. Atom processors are not great, but Intel is pushing it so hard that sooner or later there will be a popular device with it :)
  • I don't know if Atom processors are any good, but users report good battery life on that single device. I thought that it may be caused by Intel's processor. Howewer, there are too many factors that affect battery to know it for sure =)
  • First thank you for creating this wonderful program.

    Just verifying the app, v2.11 works fine during last 3 autoX capturing the runs. At the 2nd time out, I figured out how to work it and was able to compare 2 drivers, that was awesome. This past weekend, I was actually looking at it between the runs. I think I know how it works now. This gives me so much to ponder on after the autoX. I am all over with the videos, now I am driven by the data.
    And Updated to v2.21. The old data were preserved. But now with improved display. I love it.

    Keep up the good work.

    Just thinking out loud. There are always junk data if I do not stop the session. Anyway to delete that? How about trimming the data before exporting to RaceRender. I discovered that there is no way to trim the CSV files properly so that RaceRender can read it correctly. I could trim the data in RaceRender but that's kind of time consuming.

    Again, thank you. GREAT APP!
  • I am planning to buy Racechrono and a new Android Samsung Galaxy S4.

    The questions :
    - Will Racechrono works on the new Samsung Galaxy S4

    Galaxy S4 ships with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • I'd assume it would work.

    I'm "using" RaceChrono on a Samsung Galaxy Note (i717) with a custom 4.2.2 ROM.

    I say "using" because I'm just kinda testing/playing with it right now.
  • Hello .
    I have same problems with Qstarz bt-q818xt 10hz
    My old fone Nokia C6 with standard racechrono version and now with sony xperia android .
    Same times it works well but same times the information is wrong this happens to my both phones.
    Does this receiver do not work with this phone ?
    Which receiver should I get ?
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    Chris, are you able to use it with older version of RaceChrono: http://www.racechrono.com/beta/RaceChrono_v206_Android.apk ? If the older version works, you might be interested to know planning to release a version that fixes this issue.
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