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  • Do I have to have to upload a track to enable sharing with other RaceChrono users? I am trying to setup courses for Hovercraft racing here in UK for test runs, novice practice and full races. So they wont have mass appeal, and will probably only get used once each year. So is there any method of dumping a circuit start/finish and splits to a file, to email or post to Hovercraft race forums?
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    (This question is specifically about the android version) Currently yes. Just submit it with good description like "hovercraft racing track", and I will not delete it. You will then find it under "pending review" section of track library (after pressing refresh button first). There is always 100-300 circuits pending review, but if you name it properly, it is relatively easy to find from the list. Notice that I might move them to "unofficial" section. I will create something better at some point, but as of v2.20, this is only way semi-private tracks can be shared.
  • This would also be really useful for autoslalom/autocross. For us the course is only valid for a few hours, so it would be stupid to upload it. But one person setting the course and then sharing it would be handy.
  • Yeah, sharing tracks with friends is of course important, but I got an idea of different feature too. How about being able to mark submitted tracks as temporary, and maybe for how long they are valid? I get lot of ice tracks and they last only for the winter... So these track would show up in some kind of "temporary tracks" list.
  • Thats a good start. At least I could get our Hovercraft courses uploaded. :)

    As I've never 'downloaded' a course off the master list, would they persist on my phone forever? Or just the length of their temporary life set on submission?

    I am publicising Race Chrono in our club as its always pretty easy to set up a basic circuit, but it would make life easier if we didnt have to redo the circuit each year.

    Kev T
  • Does anybody happen to have Snetterton 300? The Snetterton in the library is the 'old' track, I think now known as the 200.
  • aolaol
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    Snetterton 300 and 200 are available at the Android version's track library (sorry the Symbian one is not up to date anymore). You'll need to press the refresh button on Android version to see the latest tracks.
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