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  • It should be nice, in the data analysis, to have a "DT" channel, similar to the one that Circuit tools have. With this feature you can compare two(or more?) laps and see in a graph the difference in time (gains, looses) between the compared laps.

    It also should be very helpful to have the x-axis of the graph set to "position" (again a feature from Circuit Tools).
  • sikrip: Can you explain the "position" x-axis, as I'm not sure if I understand how it works. Also can you get me a screen shot of the "DT" channel in use, please?
  • You may find the screenshot here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18168761/ct_features.png

    As you can see in (1), in circuit tools you can set the x-axis to "position" (meaning the coordinates I suppose) in order to have more accurate comparison in the generated graph (i.e. if you want to compare the braking points between two laps).

    More over in (2) and (3), you can see the very helpful "Delta-T" channel. In the screenshot, the red lap is the reference lap and the blue lap is compared against it. So you can easily see where and how much time was lost/gained. Of course the "Delta - T" graph starts with 0seconds difference in time(start of the lap) and ends up to to value of the difference between the compared lap times (~0.35seconds in the screenshot).

    Finally, I think that it should be nice for race chrono to "go-social", twitter, facebook, etc, I have some ideas on this and I can help(I am a software developer). So if you want, contact me (sikrip[at]gmail.com) to have a discussion on this.

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    sikrip: Thanks, I will look in to those features. Not sure how "position" lays the graphs to x-axis, but otherwise it seems clear. Not doing any social media features right now, but I'll have to remember your offer when I eventually start on those.
  • @aol Both features are very helpful in my opinion. You could try using Circuit Tools in order to see how the "position" feature works.
    For the social thing, no problem, contact me if you start working on this.

    BTW, thanks for offering us this great application!
  • Hi.
    I think it would be very very useful in race analysis if racechrono can show time difference graph between reference and comparison maps like this http://s18.postimage.org/z9nsg7jhl/telemetry.png Here on x axis is distance and on y axis is time difference. It is realy very useful.
  • Kova23, this is something that I plan to do soon
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