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  • Hi aol,

    a few message upper, I've read "RaceChrono v2 for Android will run on Defy as it has Android 2.1.".
    Should I guess Android 2.1 is the minimum version to run RaceChrono 2 ? (just to know what kind of device I've to look for...)

    I'm still using the Symbian version right now : it works as expected on my brave Nokia N95 8Gb :) And my home made datalogger is working too ;) (really happy with that too)
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    delirii: Yes, first versions of RC v2.0 will work with Android 2.1 and higher. But I do recommend buying at least a v2.2 device, as I might drop the v2.1 at some point in the future. The v2.1 is getting rare so no big motivation to support it after 2012...
  • Thanks aol for you fast reply.

    What about CPU/RAM requirements ? Some low level devices have processors at 600-800MHz and 256Mb of RAM. Is it enough ?

    I am looking for a low level, made in china, android tablet
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    My reference devices are ZTE Blade (1. gen) with Android 2.1, and Google Nexus S with Android 2.3.6. You can dig up their specifications and compare. Notice that Android OS improved a lot on 2.2 version, so a 2.2 device will feel much faster than a 2.1 device with same hardware.

    I will be testing with Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 too. I will do tablet screen size and Android 3.x testing on emulator at this stage, but later I'll buy some devices too.

    Also notice that RaceChrono will need Google APIs to work, as it will use the Maps component. So check the device has Google Maps and Android Market app, then it will also have the Google APIs.
  • Hi aol, me again ;-)

    When you say it needs GMaps API, does it mean a data connection is needed too (as GMaps needs it to download the map pictures) ?
    Can this option (use google maps) be disabled ?

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    These APIs are needed for the application to run, but it will still run without data connection. Just the downloadable content is not available for the users (like satellite imagery).
  • From now on, minimum Android OS version is 2.2. The devices with Android 2.1 will receive old version of RaceChrono from Play Store (RaceChrono v2.11).
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