Raw NMEA saving and RaceDAC support

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  • Hi aol

    I've read in the preview release notes that RaceDAC isn't supported yet, but it is a future option.
    So I've put my post/question here in the wishlist insted of the bugfix list:

    Currenty I'm very happy with my homebrew datalogger and GPS receiver. It just puts a $RC1 or $RC2 string right after the GPS NMEA data. This works fine with RaceChrono on Symbian. I just need to connect one bluetooth device, can view the bike's data in the graph screen and everything is saved to nmea-textfile for later analysis.

    When I connected the device with RaceChrono for Andriod there were no data-graphs (ok, I expected this), but unfortunately I can't find any nmea-textfile just some binary channel logs. So bike's data will be lost at the moment.

    Is there any solution (planned) to log all plaintext data coming in? Will the Andriod version support RaceDAC sentences between GPS data in a future version?

    Despite of this little special feature problem, the Andriod Version is working great!

    Best regards, Dani
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    Hi Dani_Duke, the saving of all NMEA data is certainly coming soon(ish). The support for RaceDAC and OBD-II etc is also coming. It was just too overwhelming to try to do all the features of Symbian version to Android at once. So I just tried to do the most important ones first as well as I could.
  • v2.30 beta includes raw NMEA saving and RaceDAC support
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