Predictive lap timing

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  • There is another way of doing a predictive lap timer. Instead of breaking it down into split time sections it does a continuously predictive lap time. Probably not explaining this well but sell them. It should be more of a real time what works and what doesn't. Im not sure if this style needs other inputs but IMHO its worth looking into.
  • jrbe: This is exactly way how I plan to implement it. Nice to see a link that proves my concept :)
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    Awesome! I was hoping that would be a next step kind of thing. Very cool its what you're planning.

    Another thought, newer Android versions can now communicate through the USB (host I think they call it ) so a USB datalogger or GPS might be able to be connected to the phone/tablet for racechrono to use. Maybe this is asking too much too soon for Android though. I just ordered a Toshiba thrive (it has a full sized USB port) thinking ahead to use racechrono. Just thinking it would be nice to not worry about Bluetooth or powering a Bluetooth GPS. (I do mostly endurance racing) 5-10hz USB GPS receivers are getting cheap and more available. I'm clueless about programming, would eventually connecting to one of these be possible? or (I have both)
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