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    Will there be a desktop version or an export in a format readable by MoTeC/RacePak/Race Technology software? An online upload feature like would be great. Also, the ability to combine data from another logger with RC-generated logs would be handy. I'm using my hardware data logger, but the ability to import the CSV and combine it (using the GPS timestamp) with the RC data would be brilliant as it would allow me to combine the functions of the two different systems.
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    andylaurence: Yes, I'm planning a simple cloud feature, but it probably will not be ready for the first version. Also the new data engine will allow multiple overlapping data sources, so it allows data logger file to be later joined to an existing session. But even though the data engine allows it, I doubt that the actual feature would make the first version.

    At this stage the user experience is on top of my list. I see many similar software designed around the features and forget the usability completely. So I want to bring the first version with minimum set of features, but with great usability.
  • Will the cloud features upload the full logs? If so, then there are some great opportunities for analysis of the data so you can understand where people are generally faster than you. RC could provide tips like "most people doing similar lap times brake 6 metres later into T3". By including setup data in the programme, it could also provide setup tips like "lowering front tyre pressure by 3psi suggests you may gain time".
  • I don't think you need to use the web interface for data analysis. That's just overly complex. A desktop application is a much better solution as you don't have to cater for a million different browsers. However, doing analysis of the data on the server to provide interesting functions could be a lot of fun.
  • andylaurence: Actually I will be discontinuing the desktop version. The Android app will not compile to desktop, so rather than rewriting the desktop app, it would make more sense to do something to web...
  • That's a shame the desktop version will be discontinued. Will the v1.4 desktop app work with the log files from v2.0? If not, I guess I'd either have to use Excel (not easy track-side) or get an Android device (tablet or laptop).
  • andylaurence: Not directly, but via export/import it will work. Also this time I will publish the new session file formats, which are pretty simple to decode. The desktop version is unfortunate casualty, but I really want to bring RC to modern app-era so making it portable to desktop would be huge limitation on creativity. Eventually there will be a web app for analyzing, and meantime a Android Tablet will work great.
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