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  • aolaol
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    "The Symbian version had the capability of comparing laps from diferent sessions. Does the Android one also has?"

    This is still a missing feature, but it's coming. Too little time to make all features at once to Android app.
  • The feature is not available directly.

    However you can merge sessions manual:

    "You can currently merge sessions manually, just copy the subsequent sessions under the first one in folders "resume_1", "resume_2" etc. The subsequent session then will appear as resumes in that order."

    Then you can compare laps as if part of one session...

  • Looking forward to the ability to compare laps from different sessions, is there an ETA for this feature? Adding notes also will be an excellent option.
  • Looking forward to this feature. I like keeping my sessions separate for when I'm in a different car or someone else drives my car. It's good to know that there's a way to do it manually. I was trying to get some analysis software for the PC but I had a rough time getting any of it to work. Great job on the app!
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    the feature is still missing. :(
    Antti please!!! this and the compare to optimal laps makes me still missing the old racechrono.
    I was a little bit surprised because of the costs for the brand new racechrono pro.
    But racing is expensive and so im glad that i can support your project.

    best regards
  • aolaol
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    Sima79, sorry about that. This feature is coming to Pro and Free (analysis pack) soon. Thanks for supporting the project, all these advanced features would not be possible without paying users!
  • I tested the different lap comparison using Circuit Tools on PC. Found the link to the software from another thread

    Pretty simple and easy to use, you just need to export your sessions in .vbo format and transfer them to PC. Open the file, define start finish/finish line and splits you want and off you go. Open another session and compare the laps you wish to see. Works just nice though the interface is a bit clumsy.
  • Hi Antti!
    There are a lot of (finnish) road racers waiting for this feature. :)
  • Yes. I'm currently re-designing parts of the app, to accommodate some new features, including this :)
  • In RaceChrono 2.90/RaceChrono Pro 3.33, the "copy 'resume_x' folder for different session comparison" does not work properly. The analysis data for the comparison lap cannot be displayed in the chart.

    Hope we could have proper different session comparison capability soon. This is such a handful (and quite essential) function available in Symbian version.

  • Working on it as we speak. It will still take some time to release though.
  • With Pro can i compare best laps from different sessions?
  • aolaol
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    @007 that is correct. Pro has "add reference lap" feature, that allows you to compare any lap from any session (provided it's on same track).
  • @aol And I'm not sure whether it's possible or not, if comparing 2 videos is possible, it'll be awesome!!!!

    ex. video1 - reference lap VS video2 - session best lap (like vbox video)
  • I'll investigate this in the future version. Problem is the videos need to playback different speeds so it needs to be implemented somehow.
  • You can compare video's with Kinovea. (free software) This is a open source video player specially designed for sport analytics. It also features a compare function.
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    Hi, do I need to purchase Racechrono Pro or is the Analysis Pack enough to compare different sessions? (for Android)

    Also, right now I can't view the optimal lap (I see the time but I can't "open" it), is this after a purchase possible and also comparable to other laps?
  • @zillionNL Analysis pack is enough, and the full optimal lap cannot be opened in any version, you can open the individual sectors though from sectors view.
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    @aol Well I have been using Racechrono since 2009 on a old Nokia E51 (Symbian OS), with that version it was possible to see the optimal lap and compare to it. But thanks, I will buy the analysis pack, overall it's a great product!
  • @zillionNL, well you're right, but that version shared very little code from the current Android and iOS version.
  • @aol ok. For me it would be great if this option will be available once again in the future. Comparing laps to my optimal shows me in one go the best lines, breaking and acceleration points.
  • what is the meaning of the optimal lap and the difference of the best?
  • Optimal lap is your best sectors summed. So it's a theoretical best you can do.
  • Hi, did this feature get implemented? I would like to combine 2 nordschleife sessions to find my optimal.
  • aolaol
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    @Kevin85 The one that original post mentions has been implemented in 2014: "Pro has "add reference lap" feature, that allows you to compare any lap from any session (provided it's on same track)."

    But I'm thinking you want to combine two sessions so optimal lap would be calculated from both. You can manually merge two sessions like the second comment mentions. You can even do that by unzipping the .rcz file, manipulating and rezipping...
  • Yes that's correct, I want to combine two sessions. Is there any way to identify the session folders as they are name 'session_20180423_1702' for example. Do these number relate to any identifiable data within the app?
  • aolaol
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    Start date and time of the session (in local time): session_YYYYMMDD_hhmm
  • Excellent. Thanks very much. :)
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