Analyse between session on a same track

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With race Chrono for android, it is possible to analyse 2 laps on a same session.
I have not found the means to analyse 2 laps on 2 different session...
=> I often go on the same circuit and I want to compare bests on laps on at least 2 sessions (or more ...) ...

Is it possible ? If not on raceChrono, do you know PC software that can do that ?

REgards ;



  • Hi Nicolas, the Symbian and Windows versions of RaceChrono can do this, but on Android it is still under development.
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    Can you precize :
    Wich windows ? Windows for PC or Windows Mobile ?

    Good news for the development ! in how many time is it expected ?

  • Both Windows PC and Windows Mobile has this feature. I rather not give an ETA as I develop on my free time, and everything never go as planned :)
  • ok thanks a lot for your answers ! and your time to develop this excelent application :-)
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