VBOX Sport and android


I've recently purchased a VBOX sport GPS to connect to my IPAD. I also use racechrono on my android phone so thought I'de try it with my phone. It doesn't pair properly to the phone and therefore the GPS data doesn't get to racechrono.

VBOX support tells me that the sport is optimised for apple products and won't work with android bluetooth but it might come as an update in the future.

I hope so because it would be great to get true 20Hz positioning.


  • Looks nice. I wondered what they where up to when they started hiring iOS developers. And this is it I guess. I'll ask them more info so maybe this could be supported by RaceChrono as well.
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    Well thats saved me giving them a call to pop over and test it.

    They demo'ed their kit and announced this unit at our Hovercraft club AGM a few weeks ago. Very nifty - light, waterproof, floats and very flat. Ideal for a pouch or pocket. They've since stated its great with 'Harrys lap timer' on Iphone.

    Target price was about GB£200. If Android compatability is available pretty soon, I might get my wife one for her birthday ;) .

    (I now see the price is now nearer £250, and they've announced full integration with old Harry.)

    Kev T
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    I asked them for Android support and they said it's not on their scope currently. Despite the lack of official support, It looks like I'm able to support it in RaceChrono for Android. I'm able to pair my Android devices with VBOX Sport just fine.
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