RaceChrono CSV export to RaceChrono2AVI - times different

I seem to have come across a weird problem in racechrono2avi!

When I output a session in RaceChrono to CSV, the lap times are different when I then import this into RC2AVI.

For example, on the left below is the laptime in my racechrono session log which was the consistent (+/- 0.03 seconds) with dorian timers, and on the right is the CSV imported into RC2AVI. I don't understand why there is a difference between the two.

RC - RC2AVI - Difference
1:42.19 - 1:42.13 - 0.06 seconds
1:40.50 - 1:40.44 - 0.06 seconds
1:37.41 - 1:36.74 - 0.67 seconds
2:04.83 - 2:04.53 - 0.30 seconds
1:38.02 - 1:37.81 - 0.21 seconds
2:01.56 - 2:01.29 - 0.27 seconds

Whilst I'd love to be over half a second in my quickest lap above, I know this is not the case. Any got any suggestions for why this might be occuring?

I'm happy to lend the CSV and session files if you want to take a look.


  • cjhod1, I've got multiple reports for this, so I will certainly try to sort it out for the next release! I'll let you know if I need any session files for my testing.
  • Thanks aol.

    Any indications on when the next release of RC2AVI will come out?
  • cjhod1, the bug is on RaceChrono side as I think, as Symbian and WM versions work fine. But about RC2AVI, it's not my project, and the original developer has ceased the development few years ago already. So I don't think there will be ever new versions. So if RC2AVI is not adequate anymore, then I recommend moving to commercial substitutes like Dashware or RaceRender.
  • RC2AVI does the job fine.

    I thought it may have had something to do with the RaceChrono side, given I never had this issue with my old Windows Mobile phone. However, it was weird when I put it into a trial version of Dashware and the times spat out perfectly.
  • Yeah it might be something in the way the RC2AVI interprets the .CSV export.
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