How to edit sessions

Hello Aol,

In the next track day I'm planning to leave racechrono on almost all the time even when parked in the box since I'll place the phone in a not easy to reach place. Two questions:

- is racechrono recording gps info like regardless or is doing some smart optimization since no real movement is done?
- in the first case, is there any way to "cut" later on from the session file not useful data?




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    Hi Daniele,

    RaceChrono will just record what ever happens, and there is no way to "cut" the session. Fortunately RaceChrono is able to record within limits of the mass storage on the phone, so there is no danger of running out of other system resources (like RAM memory).

    Of course you might run out of phone or GPS battery, so make sure they are being charged.

    Also, discarding data while stopped is on my TO-DO list.

  • Just an idea for an related feature, and no idea how hard it would be to implemented but;
    How about a G switch?
    Meaning, if the accelerometers in the phone don't record any movement shut down GPS.
    The moment you start driving, the accelerometers should measure the movement and this
    signal is then used as a cue to activate the GPS and start recording lap times.

    Now i have no coding experience in any field, so i am not hindered by any form of knowledge in my proposition.


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