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Hello everyone, new here on the forum and RaceChrono in general.
Last monday i was at an Lotus Only trackday in Spa Francorchamps where
i shot some video's whit a GoPro camera.
I had also my phone running RaceChrono to record lap times etc.

Now i have two questions;
I have converted the racechrono files to an avi file whit Racechrono2avi
Can anyone recommend an easy to use and free program to combine the
GoPro Video whit an laptime overlay from the racechrono2avi file?

Second question, and this is an an Android phone (Samsung S3)
In one session there where 6 sectors recorded
In another session only 3 sectors were recorded
And in anothers session again 4 sectors were recorded.

I was at the same track all day and selected the same track in RaceChrono
Each time i started it. What can cause the differences in the amounts of sectors?

Any and all help much appreciated.



  • Racechrono2AVI is a bit outdated and currently unsupported software. I recommend using something like RaceRender or DashWare. Both are much more user-friendly )
  • Rocas is correct. I recommend moving to RaceRender or DashWare as well. You have to pay 50 euros for either one but still it's only fraction of what you pay for good action camera.
  • Thank's for the support guys. Had already gotten myself racerender but i am a bit disappointed.
    I started out whit an 1080p GoPro video and after rendering in racerender (using the mpeg codec at best quality)
    the video quality is degraded to something you would have found in the very first webcams.
    Anything obvious i am missing regarding video quality?
    Here's the video on youtube, its not due to youtube uploading cause it looks the same on my local PC

    thanks again for the help guys.
  • I'm not exactly an expert on RaceRender use, but I would imagine the MPEG is wrong choice for output codec. How about h.264 inside .mkv container?
  • the mpeg codec is h.264 as far as i could tell........
    Thank's for the suggestion though.
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    Well there is MPEG-4 AVC which is more commonly called h.264, but there is also MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 which are definitely low end. Anyhow you probably will get better help on the video quality issues by contacting RaceRender support :)
  • Pretty sure it's not a RaceRender issue (unless it's a config setting) as I had really good results with it using a Kodak Zi8 (h.264 MPEG-4 .mov files), although the embedded YouTube player has done it no favours.

  • This is my video from a gopro 3 black ran through racerenderer
    For racerenderer my settings for 1080p 30fps were h264, 16:9, 1080p, 29.97fps, audio: 16bit 44100hz, picture scaling quality: maximum. Video bitrate 10240kbps, audio bitrate 192kbps. Make sure your bitrate is set right, that's what determines how much the video is compressed during rendering.
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