Racechrono to support Sirf protocol?

I have a 1hz GPS with NMEA protocol and it updates every 2 seconds, that happens to many NMEA 1hz devices. With the Sirf protocol it updates every second and with a lot more information.

As Sirf is a very specific native protocol from Sirf chips, I understand is not supported, but it will be a big improvement. ;)


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    Yeah it's not supported. AFAIK, all Sirf devices are 1 Hz even with NMEA protocol? Or did I miss something?

    If there was some killer 10 Hz Sirf device it would be no problem to implement this binary protocol, but for current 1 Hz receivers it's hard to see the benefit.
  • It happens to some devices, I have a Navman 3450. I don't know why, but I suppose modern 1hz gps doesn't have that problem.
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