GPS connection via USB to tablet

I would like to buy a tablet and Qstarz GPS receiver (Q1000ex or Q818XT). Usual possibility is connect the devices via Bluetooth. But, if I will use a BT connection to something else (car telemetry on COM-serial profile), CAN I CONNECT RACECHRONO ON TABLET WITH GPS RECEIVER VIA USB (NOT Bluetooth) ?


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    About USB, see the discussion here:

    You can usually connect to more than one Bluetooth device at same time. It can affect the performance though (some missed data etc).
  • Thank you, so I have to try. No problem. I am choosing some Android OS tablet. I am not experienced in tablets, so the decision what to buy is confusing for me. I would like something with USB for future, solid display (to use in car), BT, WiFi and tahts all. Something good for reasonable price to about 250-300€. Have you any ideas? Prefered using will be in car, with Racechrono or other programs and connected to GPS receiver and BT-SERIAL converter.
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    My one and only recommendations are Google Nexus 7 or Nexus 10. Both are excellent quality, cheap and work well with RaceChrono.
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