Windows 8 Mobile Compatability

Any chance of compiling the old windows version for Windows 8? I know you're doing all the new development and features on the Android platform. I was just hoping we might get the old one recompiled and compatible with Windows 8 Mobile.

P.S. Great application - thanks for all your hard work. I've used it for years on an old Windows Mobile device to track lap times racing motorbikes.


  • Unfortunately the Windows Phone 8 is completely different from Windows Mobile 6, so just recompile does not work.
  • I thinking about the new Nokia 620 which I believe will be a huge success for Nokia. A great smartphone for a very reasonable pricetag. Also I now believe that the Win 8 Mobile is mature enough. It would be great to see a version for this platform. Are there any plans for such development?

  • Sorry, no such plans at the moment.
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