RaceChrono for Windows computers.

RaceChrono for Windows computers is still 1.45
will we see a update on the PC version ?

not running properly on W8
sometimes the screen is only updated when window size is changed



  • Unfortunately I do not have Windows 8 to fix/test this, as I have moved my development environment to OSX computers. But I will look at the bug when I have access to Windows 8, but cannot say when.
  • Does this mean that there will be a RaceChrono version for MAC's in the future?
  • Nope... There will be RaceChrono for web if anything :)
  • Am running racechrono on a laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate and was using the actual App on a Windows 6.1 phone, and that phone has decided to die on me :( This was brilliant for keep a track of my lap times. Any chance of having a version of racechrono that can be used on a phone running Windows Phone 7? That would be awesome!! :)
  • Unfortunately the Windows Phone version is not planned currently. There's only so much one programmer can do :)
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